ICIS Top M&A: Introducing the ICIS Top Mergers & Acquisitions

02 May 2014 10:06 Source:ICIS Chemical Business

Our inaugural listing of the ICIS Top Mergers & Acquisitions provides key information on all the notable chemical transactions worldwide

We are pleased to bring you the first instalment of the ICIS Top Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), an annual listing of the important deals in the global chemical sector – changes in control that could impact your supply chains.

It isn’t easy keeping track of all the changes in the chemical industry, especially as the years go by. Once there were companies such as ICI, Arco Chemical, Quantum Chemical, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Hercules and ISP – now part of other entities. In today’s M&A market, it’s less about the big takeovers, and more about selling off pieces of portfolios.

In this issue we attempt to cover all the notable chemical transactions completed in 2013. This include deals covered by ICIS, as well as some select additions. Deal prices are included where disclosed, along with sales of the target business. Currencies are converted to US dollars based on exchange rates at the end of 2013.

On a geographic basis, we track the buyer headquarters (HQ) as well as that of the seller. In the listing, we exclude fertilizers as well as industrial gases, yet include packaging and chemical distribution.

Private equity is the emerging story for chemical M&A in 2014. In our 2013 listing of completed deals, 10 out of 98 transactions involved private equity buyers. A preliminary count so far in 2014 has private equity buyers in 12 out of 48 deals.

There is no perfect M&A listing but our goal is to bring you those deals that are most relevant to you as buyers and sellers of chemicals, analysts and senior executives.

We strive to continually refine our process in tracking chemical M&A, adjusting information and data to suit your needs. For this, we welcome your feedback!

Download a pdf of The ICIS Top M&A here.

By Joseph Chang