China: Central government gives the green light to carbon futures

12 May 2014 11:07 Source:ICIS

The Chinese central government gave the green light to carbon futures, according to the new “national nine” policy on the Chinese capital market issued by the State Council on 9 May.

The government notes “carbon emissions” under the fifteenth act named “developing the commodity futures markets”.

The Chinese carbon market will be promising under the new policy, according to Mei De Wen, the general manager of the Beijing emission exchange.

So far, the six current Chinese carbon pilots are spot markets.

“It’s a good news. We’ll talk to the China Securities Regulatory Commission about how it interprets this fifteenth act next week,” said Guo Hao, the officer of International Finance Corporation (IFC). The plan did not progress much because the government did not legitimize carbon futures. Ling Ma

By Ling Ma