Brazil Jan-Apr caustic soda consumption drops 2.1% year on year

22 May 2014 02:58 Source:ICIS News

HOUSTON (ICIS)--Brazil consumed 831,232 dry metric tonnes (dmt) of liquid caustic soda from January through April 2014, down by 2.1 % from the 849,438 dmt consumed during the same period in 2013, the country’s association of chlor-alkali industries, Abiclor, reported on Wednesday.

Brazil’s domestic production of liquid caustic soda between January and April of 2014 was 467,769 dmt, 0.7% higher than the 464,681 dmt  produced during the same period in 2013, Abiclor said.

Liquid caustic soda imports from January through April 2014 were 369,504 dmt, down by 5.4% from 390,698 dmt imported in 2013. The US was Brazil’s principal source with 340,415 dmt exported there through April this year, corresponding to 92% share of imports into Brazil.

Major markets consuming liquid caustic soda in Brazil in 2014 are paper and cellulose with 114,212 dmt, chemical/petrochemical with 67,026 dmt, aluminium with 37,071, soaps and detergents with 26,757 dmt and metallurgy with 22,219 dmt.

Demand for caustic soda in Brazil is stable amid balanced supply, sources said.

Caustic soda producers in Brazil are Braskem, Carbocloro and Dow Brasil.

By Ron Coifman