US Mosaic yet to determine cause of warehouse collapse

29 May 2014 23:33 Source:ICIS News

HOUSTON (ICIS)--Nearly a month after suffering a warehouse collapse at its New Mexico potash facility US fertilizer producer Mosaic said on Thursday that its investigation into the accident is still ongoing and that it has not finalised any options for moving product despite seeking a permit to allow additional truck deliveries.

The Minnesota-based producer added that the company has yet to determine a date for when production will resume at the site following the 5 May structural failure of the steel building at the Carlsbad, New Mexico facility, which was utilized for mixing and preparing potash for shipment.

Mosaic has been looking at other options to get product to the market and has applied for a temporary air permit from the state of New Mexico, which would allow the company to ship additional deliveries by truck.

A spokesperson said that at this time any alternatives for shipping potash have not been determined.

The air permit would be required as increased traffic would result in additional emissions that Mosaic is not presently authorized to emit. Mosaic typically ships between 90-95% of its finished volumes from Carlsbad by rail with the balance relying on truck transportation.

The building that collapsed is known as warehouse no.1 and was constructed in 1939. There were no injuries from the accident and the cost of damages to the producer has not been revealed.

By Mark Milam