US Gulf May sulphur exports lowest of 2014, still up from 2013

09 June 2014 22:21 Source:ICIS News

HOUSTON (ICIS)--US Gulf sulphur exports totalled approximately 62,000 tonnes in May 2014, up from 39,000 tonnes in May last year, according to an ICIS survey released on Monday.

Exports fell from April, which had the most exports of any month in 2014 at 116,000 tonnes. May had the lowest number of sulphur exports of any month in 2014, as the market tightened due to refinery turnarounds.

The Beaumont terminal in Texas moved three vessels with 53,000 tonnes of sulphur in May, above the expected 40,000 tonnes. Beaumont exports were down from 105,000 tonnes in April.

June Beaumont exports are expected to total 86,000 tonnes.

The Galveston terminal in Texas moved 9,000 tonnes in May, in line with expectations. The terminal is not expected to move any sulphur in June.

The River Sulphur Factory did not move any sulphur in May and is projected to move 10,000 tonnes in June. However, the projected cargo has been expected since February and has yet to load.

June is expected to have approximately 96,000 tonnes of sulphur exported from the US Gulf, twice the 48,000 tonnes exported in June last year. Every month in 2014 has had significantly increased sulphur exports from the corresponding month in 2013.

By David Tonyan