UREA: Pupuk Indonesia sells granular at $305/tonne FOB

10 June 2014 09:15 Source:ICIS

Pupuk Indonesia Holdings is understood to have sold 6,000 tonnes of Kaltim granular urea to Ameropa at $305/tonne FOB under its 10 June sales tender. The owner's estimate (OE), or minimum price, was set at $304/tonne FOB.

There is some talk that Ameropa was also awarded the second lot on offer, although others said the second lot remained on offer at $305/tonne FOB until 8am local time on 11 June.

It is understood that Fertcomm was awarded 2 x 5,000 tonnes of Pusri prilled urea under the same tender at $286/tonne FOB. The OE had been set at $285/tonne FOB.

By Kate Wilcock