US June contract prices roll over for NBA, 2-EH

14 June 2014 00:02 Source:ICIS News

HOUSTON (ICIS)--US June contract prices for oxo-alcohols n-butanol (NBA) and 2-ethylhexanol (2-EH) were assessed on Friday at a rollover from May prices.

US producers had faced price pressure from customers due to a decline in feedstock propylene costs. However, recent turnarounds at US oxo-alcohol production facilities limited some supplies. Additionally, demand for NBA and 2-EH held steady, leading to a rollover in prices.

Contract prices for isobutanol (IBA) were assessed downwards by 3 cents/lb on the low end and 4 cents/lb on the high end of the price range, based on prices heard in the market. IBA prices are generally higher than NBA prices in the US.

Prices for dicotyl phthalate (DOP), a plasticizer made from 2-EH, also rolled over this month. Producers and buyers said that DOP prices had been holding steady recently.

Price ranges assessed by ICIS are 94-101 cents/lb ($2,072-2,227/tonne) for NBA, 107-112 cents/lb for IBA, 100-102 cents/lb for 2-EH and 98-104 cents/lb for DOP.

US oxo-alcohol producers include BASF, Oxea, Eastman Chemical, Dow Chemical, Sasol and Texmark Chemicals.

By Matthew Donovan