Croatia day-ahead exchange to launch by year’s end - HROTE

19 June 2014 08:00 Source:ICIS

Croatia is to launch a day-ahead electricity exchange before the end of the year, a representative of the country’s energy market operator HROTE told ICIS in Budapest on Wednesday.

A company called Croatian Power Exchange has been set up with HROTE and transmission system operator HOPS the two shareholders with 50% each HROTE general manager Ivor Zupanic said.

Once the exchange is launched Croatia will decide which market coupling initiative to join, Zupanic said.

The country finds itself sandwiched between two separate coupled markets. To the west is the Italian-Slovenian zone, while to the northeast is the CEE market coupling project, made of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with Romania soon to join.

Croatia was expected to make a decision about the market coupling projects by the end of last year. However, developing an exchange was a mandatory first step before further market integration with the rest of the region could take place ( see EDEM 17 October 2013 ).

The country now looks set to be the first out of four SEE countries to launch an exchange.

Serbia is expected to see the launch of SEEPEX in the first quarter of next year through collaboration with the European exchange EPEX SPOT ( see EDEM 6 March 2014 ).

Last week it emerged that the long overdue Bulgarian equivalent could be delayed from its expected launch this year with no set deadline in sight ( see EDEM 12 June 2014 ).

Macedonia has also previously expressed interest in launching its own exchange but no further steps were taken ( see 19 December 2013 ). Irina Peltegova

By Irina Peltegova