Greek electricity blackout threat looms as 30% of generation offline

03 July 2014 12:07 Source:ICIS

The Greek transmission system operator (TSO) ADMIE declared a state of emergency on Thursday as strikes forced 2GW of generation capacity offline and distribution companies warn customers of blackouts.

The Public Power Corporation (PPC) unions have threatened to hold 48-hour rolling strikes, objecting against the government’s plan to privatise the company ( see EDEM 1 July 2014 ). PPC currently holds a monopoly over the Greek wholesale market.

There are currently around 14 units that have been forced offline, while the PPC-owned distribution company DEDDIE has warned customers of that there will be rotating losses of power in various time windows and that the length and location of these power losses will depend on the level of demand and how much power is available.

Imports are expected to ramp up to maximum capacity on all available borders, as only 5GW of capacity is being generated out of the usual 7GW. Sources have specualted that the Greek pool price, known as the system marginal price (SMP), could rise to as much as €150.00/MWh. Sophie Udubasceanu

By Sophie Udubasceanu