Japan's production of plastic feedstocks decreases 6.5% in May

07 July 2014 10:03 Source:ICIS News

TOKYO (ICIS)--Japan’s production of plastic feedstocks declined by 6.5% year on year to 780,300 tonnes in May, an industry federation said on Monday.

Among the total, output of foamed polyurethane (PU) rose by 0.9% to 15,477 tonnes from the same period a year earlier, but production of methacrylates fell by 2.6% to 13,537 tonnes, according to the Japan Plastics Industry Federation (JPIF).

Output of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) increased by 2.7% year on year to 20,601 tonnes, while production of polycarbonate (PC) decreased by 4.9% to 26,527 tonnes, JPIF’s official data showed.

The country’s output of plastic products rose by 1.3% to 435,200 tonnes in May from the corresponding period a year earlier, according to the JPIF.

Of the total, production of film and sheet increased by 3.6% year on year to 203,432 tonnes, but output of pipes declined by 14% to 28,519 tonnes, based on the data.

Production of construction materials rose by 4% to 25,632 tonnes from the same time a year earlier, according to the statistics.

Meanwhile, Japan’s exports of plastic feedstocks increased by 7.9% year on year to yen (Y) 98.5m, while exports of plastic products were up by 2.9% to Y116.9m, the data showed.

By Tomomi Yokomura