US imports, exports of melamine up for May - ITC

14 July 2014 21:33 Source:ICIS News

HOUSTON (ICIS) -- Both US imports and exports of melamine during May increased year-over-year, according to data made available this month from the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Imports of melamine to the United States reached 4,636 tonnes in May, up  36% from May 2013 and 39% from April 2014.

Much of this increase came from increased imports from Trinidad, where melamine is produced by Methanol Holdings Trinidad Ltd. (MHTL). The US imported 2,560 tonnes of melamine from Trinidad in May 2014, compared to 1,540 tonnes in May 2013 and only 960 tonnes in April of this year.

Chinese melamine imports in May totaled 1,296 tonnes, on par with imports from China in April. Additionally, the US imported 520 tonnes from the Netherlands, 253 tonnes from Germany and 8 tonnes from France.

US exports of melamine increased 41% year-on-year and 38% month-on-month in May to 3,299 tonnes. All US-produced melamine is made at Cornerstone Chemical’s facility in Waggaman, Louisiana.

Europe was the primary destination of US melamine in May, with 921 tonnes exported to the United Kingdom, 900 tonnes to Germany, 300 tonnes to Romania and 120 tonnes to Russia. In the Americas, Canada took in 784 tonnes and Brazil took 120 tonnes. Smaller amounts were exported to Colombia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.



May ‘13

May ‘14

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YTD ‘13

YTD ‘14

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Melamine imports in tonnes







Melamine exports in tonnes







Source: International Trade Commission

By Matthew Donovan