China: Shanghai ETS to have no transactions in July

15 July 2014 10:38 Source:ICIS

Several Shanghai compliance companies told ICIS reporter on Tuesday none allowance transactions would happen in July.

“We won’t get the production data for 2014 until next January. Without them, we can’t gauge this year’s emissions. So we don’t plan to buy the 2014 allowances this year,” said Zhu Xiao Ming, the manager of Shanghai Coking company.

“The remaining allowances in 2013 can be hoarded and sold in 2014, thus the supply of allowances will increase. We can wait to buy at a low price next year,” said Lu Yun, the manager of Granges Aluminium.

The Shanghai emission trading system (ETS) hasn’t allowed the institutional and individual investors to trade. The absence of the third-party may also lead to low transactions, according to a staff of Carbon Treasure, the Shanghai-based carbon asset management company.

No transactions have taken place in the Shanghai emission trading system in July.Ling Ma

By Ling Ma