S Korea’s YNCC revises shutdown dates for No 3 aromatics unit

14 August 2014 12:52 Source:ICIS News

SINGAPORE (ICIS)--South Korea’s Yeochun NCC (YNCC) revised its turnaround dates to begin from 10 September for its No 3 aromatics unit, a company source said on Thursday.

The plant, which is able to produce 120,000 tonnes/year of benzene, 60,000 tonnes/year of toluene and 40,000 tonnes/year of solvent xylene (SX), will be shut until 23 October, the source said.

Meanwhile, all three aromatics facilities of YNCC were still operating below 100%, as it continued to apply mixed feed with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the source said.

“We are still feeding about 5-10% of the total feed with  LPG since it is still more economical,” the source added.

The No 1 aromatics unit has a nameplate capacity of 140,000 tonnes/year of benzene, 80,000 tonnes/year of toluene and 50,000 tonnes/year of solvent-grade xylene, while the No 2 unit has the same capacities as the No 3 plant, the source said.

By Ong Sheau Ling