Russia’s PVC production falls 11% in January-July

24 August 2016 11:25 Source:ICIS News

MOSCOW (MRC)--Russian production of unmixed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fell to 421,100 tonnes in the first seven months of this year, down 11% on the 473,500 tonnes produced during the same period in 2015. During this time, RusVinyl posted a significant increase in production volumes, according to a report from MRC DataScope.

July’s output of unmixed PVC rose to 60,500 tonnes from 50,100 tonnes in June, lifted by increased capacity utilisation at Bashkir Soda Company and the resumption of PVC production at SayanskKhimPlast following a lengthy shutdown. RusVinyl increased production by 39% but this did not offset the forced shutdown at SayanskKhimPlast.

RusVinyl – a joint venture (JV) between Sibur and SolVin (which is itself a 75/25 JV between Solvay and BASF) –  produced 23,300 tonnes of PVC in July, a slight fall on the June figure (23,600 tonnes).

PVC Russia productionTotal production of resin at RusVinyl in the first seven months of this year was 180,100 tonnes, compared with 130,000 tonnes for the same period in 2015.

Bashkir Soda Company increased capacity utilisation in July, producing 22,100 tonnes of suspension polyvinyl chloride (SPVC), an increase on the 20,800 tonnes it produced in June. Between January and July, its production of PVC totalled 148,700 tonnes, up 1% year on year.

Kaustik Volgograd produced 7,600 tonnes of SPVC in July, compared with 5,800 tonnes in June. Kaustic shut production for a turnaround in late May and the beginning of June. Total PVC production amounted to 49,400 tonnes between January and July, down 11% year on year.

SayanskKhimPlast resumed PVC production following a forced shutdown in mid-February. The first batches were shipped on 11 July. SayanskKhimPlast was forced to halt production of SPVC in the second half of July due to problems with ethylene supply.

Total production for that month amounted to just 7,600 tonnes. SPVC production totalled 42,800 tonnes in the first seven months of 2016, down from the 140,900 tonnes it produced in the same period last year. 

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By Sergey Karaichentsev