Kazakhstan’s Neftekhim shuts down PP production for maintenance

31 August 2016 10:16 Source:ICIS News

MOSCOW (MRC)--Kazakhstan’s only producer of polypropylene, Neftekhim Ltd, has shut down production for scheduled maintenance works, according to company’s customers for a MRC report.

The firm shut production of polypropylene at the weekend on 27-28 August due to the need to carry out maintenance works, customers said.

The shutdown will last approximately until 18 October.

As MRC informed earlier, Neftekhim Ltd launched production of polypropylene powder granulation on 25 December 2014.

The Kazakh tenge 5.8bn (€15m) project allows the company to produce 47,800 tonnes of granulated PP per year.

Neftekhim Ltd was commissioned in 2009 and has two productions units for methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) and polypropylene (PP).

In 2011, 30,000 tonnes/year of PP capacity was launched and the plant did not have PP granulation unit but produced PP in the form of powder, limiting its scope.

The producer had to sell all produced PP to export markets, particularly in China, as local producers could not use PP in powder form.

(€1 = tenge 381)

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By Sergey Karaichentsev