Asia ethylene margins up for naphtha, down for LPG

17 October 2016 20:57 Source:ICIS News

HOUSTON (ICIS)--Asia ethylene margin movements were split on a feedstock basis during the week ended 14 October, with northeast Asia margins also stronger than southeast Asia margins, the ICIS margin report showed on Monday.

The regional split was largely tied to ethylene spot prices, which climbed $28/tonne in NE Asia but fell by $10/tonne in SE Asia.

Naphtha-based ethylene margins in NE Asia rose 10% during the week to $683/tonne, and rose by 1.1% in SE Asia to $626/tonne.

Feedstock naphtha costs on an ethylene production basis rose by $5/tonne in each region.

Co-product credit values rose by $41/tonne in NE Asia and by $21/tonne in SE Asia.

For LPG-based ethylene margins, the declines were mostly tied to higher feedstock costs, as NE Asia margins fell by 6.0% to $646/tonne and SE Asia margins fell by 14% to $560/tonne.

In NE Asia, feedstock costs on an ethylene production basis rose by $95/tonne, while in SE Asia costs rose by $96/tonne.

Those increases outweighed co-product credit value increases of $27/tonne in NE Asia and $11/tonne in SE Asia.

By John Dietrich