US Enterprise plans ethylene storage, transportation projects

03 April 2017 16:56 Source:ICIS News


HOUSTON (ICIS)--US Enterprise Products Partners is developing a high-capacity storage well and new pipeline to enhance its ethylene infrastructure at its Mont Belvieu complex in Texas, the company said on Monday.

The storage project is expected to be completed as early as Q3 2018 and will involve the repurposing of a large storage well at its Mont Belvieu complex into a 5.3m bbl cavern, with the capacity to inject/withdraw ethylene at a rate of 2,000 bbl/hour, expandable to 4,000 bbl/hour, the company said. 

Enterprise also will build a new 24-mile (39 km), 12-inch diameter ethylene pipeline from Mont Belvieu to Bayport, Texas. The ethylene pipeline will be routed through Enterprise’s ethane export terminal at Morgan’s Point, which provides future flexibility should the company develop ethylene export capabilities.

The pipeline will offer Enterprise the ability to connect its Mont Belvieu facility to customers south of the Houston Ship Channel, the company said.

“These growth capital projects will expand our ethylene system to meet the growing needs of the petrochemical industry,” said RB Herrscher, senior vice president, Petrochemical for Enterprise’s general partner. “These new storage and transportation assets will also complement our existing capabilities, giving us the foundation for extending our ethylene value chain even further.”

(Pictured above: Enterprise Products Partners is planning on enhancing its ethylene infrastructure with the development of a high-capacity storage well and new pipeline. File image)

By Jessie Waldheim