PVC imports into Kazakhstan rises 8% in January-May

06 July 2017 11:01 Source:ICIS News

MOSCOW (MRC)--Imports of unmixed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) into Kazakhstan slightly exceeded 18,000 tonnes in January-May 2017, up 8%  compared with the same time a year earlier, according to MRC analysts.

May unmixed PVC imports into Kazakhstan grew to 4,600 tonnes from 3,900 tonnes a month earlier. 

Total PVC imports into Kazakhstan exceeded 18,000 tonnes in January-May, compared with 16,700 tonnes during the same period a year earlier.

The main suppliers of PVC in the local market were producers from China, with their share more than 99% from the total PVC imports into the country.

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By Sergey Karaichentsev