First-half output of Russia polymer products up 4.9% year on year

21 July 2017 11:23 Source:ICIS News

MOSCOW (MRC)--Russia’s output of products from polymers continued to increase in June on seasonal factors, up 4.5% from May and 4.9% higher in the first half year on year, according to MRC analysts.

The Russian Federal State Statistics Service said June production of plastic pipes, hoses and fittings rose to 52,200 tonnes from 44,400 tonnes a month earlier.

Overall output of these products totalled 237,400 tonnes in the first half, down by 1.9% year on year.

Last month’s production of unreinforced and non-combined films was 94,000 tonnes compared to 96,200 tonnes in May.

Output of films products grew in January-June by 8.2% year on year to 504,600 tonnes.

June production of porous boards, sheets and polymer films was 24,300 tonnes, up from 23,000 tonnes a months earlier. Overall output of these polymer products fell in the first half by 0.1% year on year to 121,500 tonnes.

June production of plastic windows and window sills, and door blocks increased to 2.1m square metres (sqm) and 96,800 sqm respectively, versus 1.8m sqm and 74,700 sqm a month earlier.

Output of these products was 8.7m sqm in the first six months of the year (up by 2.5% year on year) and 416,500 sqm (down by 3.9% year on year), respectively.

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By Sergey Karaichentsev