China’s Heilongjiang to shut 14 chemical plants, relocate five

26 April 2018 09:43 Source:ICIS News

SINGAPORE (ICIS)--China’s Heilongjiang province will close 14 chemical plants and relocate another five as it moves on to shift chemical production away from populous urban areas, according to a local government website statement.

Meanwhile, 69 other chemical plants will need to be upgraded or re-engineered to prevent safety and pollution risks to residents living nearby.

The province targets to complete the proceedings by December 2025.

China’s central government in September 2017 initiated a massive relocation plan on dangerous chemicals plants, in which small- and medium-sized plants are required to complete the task by 2020 and larger facilities by 2025.

Company NameLocationMajor productsRelocateCloseDeadline
Haerbin Changsheng Construction PaintHaerbinPaint2018.12
Haerbin Swan Aluminium & SilverHaerbinAl, silver2018.12
ChinaCoal Heilongjiang Haerbin Coal ChemicalHaerbinMethanol, gas2025.12
Mudanjiang Shunda ChemicalMudanjiangCalcium carbide, silicon2018.12
Mudanjiang Hongli ChemicalMudanjiangOxalate, formic acid 2018.12
Mudanjiang Aihe Fuli ChemicalMudanjiangMethanol, urea2018.12
Mudanjiang Yifeng City GasMudanjiangGas2018.12
Daqing Oilfield Kunlun CoatingDaqingCoating2020.12
Daqing Wanshunxing Ethyne DaqingEthyne2019.12
Zhaoyuan Dafeng FurfuralDaqingFurfural2018.12
Jixi Heyang GasJixiGas2018.12
Qitaihe Mining Coal Duojing EthyneQitaiheEthyne2018.12
Qitaihe Wanchang CokingQitaiheCoke, coal tar2019.12
Qitaihe Zhaofa CokingQitaiheCoke, coal tar2020.12
Anda Hongda EthyneSuihuaEthyne2018.12
Huachuan Huifeng WineKiamuszeAlcohol2020.12
Kiamusze Heilong PesticideKiamuszePesticide2020.12
Kiamusze Longxin TitaniumKiamuszeTitanium2020.12
Kiamusze Dingxin Dissolved EthyneKiamuszeEthyne2020.12
By Fanny Zhang