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Webinar: China’s Economic About Turn
What it means for the global chemicals industry?

This webinar is already over (held in September 2015), but you can view the recorder version and access the slides.

Did you see the China slowdown coming?

ICIS Senior Consultant, John Richardson, had forecasted two years ago that growth would slow by as much as we have seen over the past few months.

Now we are entering a new phase of the crisis, driven by recent events including 'Black Monday' and the yuan devaluation. This will, obviously, have vast implications on chemicals prices, trading behaviour and supply-demand dynamics.

View the recorded webinar where we will give our views on what happens next, and what this means for the global chemicals industry.

  • Polyolefins and paraxylene-chain growth in 2015-2016 as real GDP growth hits the low single digits
  • How long will this last and will reforms work?
  • Short and long-term implications of 'Black Monday', the yuan devaluation and other policy initiatives
  • The new China and how it will look: Quality over quantity of growth
  • How China’s growing self-sufficiency will change export opportunities

Referencing the ICIS Supply & Demand Database, our Consultant addresses key questions such as:

  • What short-term steps can you take to minimise risk?
  • Where are the short-term opportunities?
  • How can you develop your mid- to long- term strategies?

View the recorded webinar and access the presentation slides »

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View the recorded webinar and access the slides »

About our Speaker

John Richardson

John Richardson,
ICIS Senior Consultant

John Richardson is a highly experienced trainer and chemicals industry analyst, who has been working in the industry for 17 years. Based in Asia-Pacific, John has deep knowledge of the companies and people who have transformed the region into the world’s major production and consumption region. His views are highly valued by senior executives, who appreciate his balanced and independent approach. John has also co-authored an e-book, Boom, Gloom and the New Normal which examines how demographic factors and events in financial markets have reshaped the global economy. 

Asian Chemical Connections

John Richardson's blog - The Asian Chemicals Connections looks at Asian and global commodity chemicals and polymer pricing trends, supply and demand, as well as macroeconomics, energy and environmental issues.

He has been actively covering China's Yuan devaluation, the stock market crash and has written many blog entries around China's economic developments.

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