Global trends in polyolefin markets and investments

In this on-demand webinar, Fabrizio Galiè, ICIS senior consultant and global lead for polymers insight, provides an overview on the recent trends in polyolefin (PE and PP) market dynamics, and the expected evolution of the sector through to the end of the decade. The webinar covers:

  • The evolution of demand in mature and non-mature economies
  • The biggest threats to demand growth
  • Where major investments are planned and how they will impact the competitive landscape
  • Which markets are the most promising
  • What the demand-supply balance will be in the next few years and its implication on trade

We have made the recording and presentation available for you to view and download.


Fabrizio Galie

Fabrizio Galiè – ICIS Senior Consultant Asia
Fabrizio is a senior member of the ICIS consultants, leading the global Polymer and Plastics team.

Over the course of 11 years’ experience in the petrochemical business, he has provided studies and analyses and realised several projects covering commodity polymers. Fabrizio has helped companies and industry participants worldwide to make informed decisions, plan strategically and take advantage of opportunities.

Fabrizio has published numerous articles and editorials in international journals and has been a frequent and popular speaker at conferences in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. He is also the author of the ICIS Polypropylene and Polyethylene Price Forecast reports for Europe.

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