ICIS Webinar: How Ontario’s election can shape the future of WCI

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Ontario’s upcoming June election can have a significant impact on the near- and long-term supply-demand balance in the WCI market.

ICIS analysts and market experts will discuss the impact of the Ontario election results on the long-term outlook of the WCI market.

About the speakers

Dan McGraw

Dan McGraw

Senior Market Strategist – US Carbon Markets

Dan X McGraw is North American senior market strategist for ICIS, an energy trade publication. He has covered the California and RGGI carbon markets since 2013.

Judith Schroeter

Judith Schroeter

Business Director – Carbon Market Analytics

Judith leads the international carbon business at ICIS. Before that, she was lead analyst for North American carbon and offset markets at ICIS.

Nicolas Girod

Nicolas Girod

Managing Director of Markets

Nicolas is managing director of markets at ClearBlue Markets and has over 10 years of experience in EU and North American carbon markets.

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