ICIS Webinar: The impact on global markets of China’s increased phenol-acetone production 

Speaker: Rhian O'Connor

Topic: The impact on global markets of China’s increased phenol-acetone production

With China’s new found self-sufficiency in phenol and acetone production, we must ask ourselves what will the impact be on the West - traditionally the key suppliers to the Asian market?

Three new Chinese phenol plants are now up and running and together, they increase Chinese capacity by 32% and global capacity by 7% from 2014 levels.

In this on-demand webinar, ICIS expert Rhian O’Connor, looks at this capacity increase in more depth whilst looking at the impact on Global trade flows with specific reference to production in North America and Europe.

This webinar covers in-depth:

  • Details of new capacity
  • What plants are coming on and why?
  • What about downstream new plants?
  • Impact on global phenol-acetone trade flow
  • How will phenol movements change globally?
  • Impact on phenol production globally
  • Capacity utilisation and consolidation
  • Other impacts

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