ICIS Webinar: Welcome to the WCI: Why Ontario’s inclusion may change the California-Quebec outlook?

ICIS Webinar: Welcome to the WCI: Why Ontario’s inclusion may change the California-Quebec outlook? Thumbnail

Date: 14 December 2017
Time: 10:00 PT

Ontario’s planned linkage with the California-Quebec cap-and-trade program in January 2018 will have short and long-term impacts for the economy-wide carbon program.

ICIS analysts will discuss how the Canadian province’s entrance can have tangible impacts on California-Quebec (CA-QC) counterparties and how the existing program will impact Ontario (ON) entities joining for the first time. In short, this webinar will show how the expansion of the program will change the overall market dynamics for all three entities.

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About the Speakers

Dan X McGraw

Dan X McGraw
Senior ICIS market strategist

Dan X McGraw is the senior ICIS market strategist for the US carbon markets. He has covered the Californian and RGGI carbon markets since 2013. During that time, he has produced numerous exclusive pieces about the US carbon markets.

Jackie Cooley

Jackie Cooley
Senior ICIS market analyst

Jackie Cooley is currently a senior market analyst at ICIS, and for the last three years has covered both the joint California-Quebec and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) carbon markets. She heads all North American analysis, including policy and regulatory analysis related to cap-and-trade programs.

Nicolas Girod
Head of Trading and Research, ClearBlue Markets

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