Petrochemicals Scenario Study

Protect your business from uncertainty and change: how to operate in a shifting macro-economic landscape

Unprecedented levels of political and economic uncertainty, particularly in the US and China, are set to destroy the global economic status quo across the petrochemicals industry.

Yet businesses must continue to make high-revenue decisions with limited visibility and far reaching effects.

It’s not possible to know exactly what will happen next, but what decision-makers can do is plan for major change and prepare for likely outcomes in the short- and long-term.

A new quarterly study from ICIS

The first in a series of four detailed reports, ‘War of Words’ focuses on the key critical developments in the relationship between China and the US and how future trade and business policies are likely to impact the petrochemical markets globally and disrupt the ‘business as usual’ scenario.

Focuses on the most affected key value chains: ethylene, propylene, benzene, paraxylene/PTA and highlights key challenges and opportunities at a regional level for the coming 24 months. Key points covered are:

  • Major trade policy shifts by the new administration in the US
  • Re-shoring of production into the US and other regions in the search for jobs growth
  • Accelerated growth of energy and feedstock production in the US leading to even greater capacity building in US petrochemicals
  • China’s economic slowdown caused by the need to control debt
  • The rise of its new trading “One Belt, One Road”(OBOR) trading bloc
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Whether you are an analyst, purchasing manager or trader, or if you are in charge of planning strategies and managing risk, this series of reports is essential.Find out why...

Data driven insight and expert analysis

Combining the market leading analysis and forecasting expertise of ICIS and International eChem, these reports are underpinned by the powerful ICIS analytics platform, the Supply and Demand Database.

The report authors, Paul Hodges, chairman of IeC and John Richardson of ICIS draw upon their decades of industry experience in buying, selling and forecasting in the main petrochemicals product areas and geographies.

Working alongside a team of analysts and consultants, they scrutinise the seismic shifts taking place and assess their potential implications for chemical businesses.

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How will you benefit?

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Gain greater clarity

Understand how political and economic decisions in China and the US will affect global economies and businesses, and gain a clear picture of the impact on petrochemicals markets.

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Alleviate uncertainty

Dig deeper into the specifics of potential scenarios and outcomes and how they will impact your buying and selling decisions.

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Identify risks and opportunities

Know which supply chains are most vulnerable and see where growth lies within the key regional petrochemical value chains regionally.

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Be prepared

Anticipate vital turning points, protect your business against unwelcome surprises, and have the knowledge to make robust contingency plans.

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Validate strategic decisions

Use insight based on industry expert analysis and underpinned by the powerful ICIS Supply and Demand database to make confident strategic decisions and back up your plans.

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Gain a competitive advantage

Capitalise on the key geo-political and economic developments that are about to unfold, and take action before your competitors get caught in the middle.

What’s included?

The subscription gives you a series of four, detailed quarterly reports that respond to critical geo-political and economic developments as they happen:

The first report – War of Words

  • Covers the impact across key regions: Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East.
  • Focuses on the most affected key value chains: ethylene, propylene, benzene, paraxylene/PTA and highlights the effects in specific regions.
  • Spotlights specific changes in the US and China and offers clear analysis of the direct and indirect impact on petrochemicals and plastics globally.

Future editions

Upcoming editions will broaden and deepen the analysis and are expected to cover:

  • The evolution of margins and profitability across petrochemicals
  • The impact of rising nationalism on European politics and markets
  • The potential for “peak demand” to hit oil and feedstock markets
  • Likely changes in investment patterns in a period of extreme uncertainty



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ICIS data and analysis is trusted globally. Our editors, analysts and consultants leverage their deep knowledge and understanding of market dynamics along with their extensive contacts to provide independent short to long term views and forecasting for commodities markets. Our powerful analytics solutions backed up by robust data and analysis are used by customers to shape future strategy, minimise risk and maintain a competitive advantage.

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