ICIS Supply and Demand Window

A snapshot view of historical and forecast information on supply and demand, production capacity and trade for global petrochemicals markets


The ICIS Supply and Demand Window provides detailed, objective data on global petrochemical supply, demand, production capacity, and trade. Access it to empower your business in making long-term, evidence-based decisions and to support your strategic plans, forecasting and contract negotiations.

Available exclusively through the ICIS Dashboard, the Supply and Demand Window provides a fully customisable view of supply and demand across your chosen commodities, regions and timeframes, helping you:

  • Explain historical price movements.
  • Predict future prices to settle contracts with confidence.
  • Illustrate future production imbalances.
  • Understand manufacturing capabilities within key geographical regions.
  • Gather an informed view of trade patterns.
  • Utilise data and analysis for strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting.

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Commodities available via the ICIS Supply and Demand Window

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Production & Consumption

Production & Consumption

Track production and consumption changes across global petrochemicals markets.

Capacity & Production

Capacity & Production

Evaluate plant utilization rates through comparing production and capacity.

Imports & Exports

Imports & Exports

Study historical and forecast imports and exports, as well as net trade data for global petrochemicals markets.

Chart and download historical and forecast data covering an 11 years time span.

  • Across 8 regions, including a world view.

  • Over 60 commodities

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