Manage change effectively across the Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Energy and Crude markets with ICIS Consulting

Manage change more effectively with guidance and support from ICIS consultants


Making significant changes to your business is a risky process, however you can significantly mitigate or eliminate the risk with effective cost modelling, efficiency evaluations and capital and resource planning.


Our consultants give you the guidance and support you need to restructure as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With expert insight and practical support, you can embrace change as an organic and necessary part of your business lifecycle.

Skills and expertise to enhance your organisational resources


ICIS consultants support change in organisations across markets and sectors. With expertise in the world’s energy and crude markets, oil refining, petrochemicals, fertilizers, polymers and fine chemicals, we know how to manage customers’ and stakeholders’ perception of organisational change and make it a positive experience.

ICIS also provides a targeted consultancy service for China, supplying local insight into the domestic markets for iron, steel, non-ferrous metal, paper and pulp.

Practical support

Our experts are available at every stage of the process, so that you can implement change and restructuring with our full support.

  • Capital and resource planning
  • Feedstock and product valuation
  • Asset valuations
  • Cost modelling
  • Commercial efficiency evaluation
  • Refining to petrochemical integration

Contact our consultants today to discuss how we can help your business achieve its development objectives.


Addressing the key questions for your organisation

  • Should we restructure our business to meet our objectives?
  • When is the optimum time to effect change? What impact will it have?
  • How should we realistically budget for the future we want?
  • How do we minimise day-to-day disruption to our business?

Effective organisational restructuring requires the right foundations to be in place first. ICIS consultants can ensure you have the robust change management plans, cost analysis and resource plans required, based on accurate predictions of your market and your resources.


“Restructuring our business wasn’t really on the agenda, but ICIS showed us that it was the right time. They helped us visualise a different outlook for the business – and their resource plans and valuations gave us the confidence to re-focus our goals.”

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