Consultant Mike Perkins - ICIS - Expertise across the global oil, polymer and petrochemicals markets

Mike Perkins

Vice President, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Mike has broad experience of leadership roles in both large and small companies having spent 34 years working for the BP Group in various global oil and petrochemical roles, as well as leading a new technology specialty polymer start-up.

Mike worked at BP as Business Manager and later as General Manager for the Carshalton Division. During his time, he grew the specialty chemical business dramatically by instituting ground breaking cultural change leading the organization from a production to a business led philosophy throughout all its operations.

In 1994, when BP restructured its operations into Global Business Units, Mike was appointed Business Unit Leader for BP’s chemical distribution & trading business worldwide leading company acquisitions in Germany, Italy & Australia.

After managing the divestment of the global distribution business in 1998, Mike was posted to Malaysia to manage olefin procurement for BP’s Asian JV PE plants and appointed a Director of PT Polytama in Indonesia.

After retiring from BP in 2001 Mike was appointed Director of Polyval plc which developed a novel technology to extrude a biodegradable plastic film based on polyvinyl alcohol.

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Consultant - Ee Foong Ewe - ICIS - 30 years’ experience in petrochemicals

Ee Foong Ewe

Vice President, Asia

He has broad based experience covering domains in manufacturing technology, start-ups, operations, distribution logistics, sales & marketing, commercial and business/project development including joint venture negotiation, equity and/or debt financing and all the accompanying industry, environmental, JV, financing and legal due diligence processes.

He has intimate experience across the whole petrochemical and chemical value chain.

Ee Foong has had more than 30 years’ experience in petrochemicals and spent nearly 16 years in the early part of his career at Exxon Chemicals where he started off as a process/start-up/control engineer before taking the lead on shipping & distribution operations, planning and sales/marketing.

He then moved to a commodity firm, ANSAC, taking charge of the soda ash business in Asia Pacific region, developing it, whilst ensuring the core business remained robust in challenging economic times.

Prior to his taking on the lead role to develop and realize from scratch a multi-billion dollar petrochemical (condensate cum aromatic) complex on Jurong Island in Singapore, he has also undertaken numerous pre-feasibility and feasibility studies on new projects, feedstock supply and business expansion.

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Consultant - Stefano Zehnder - ICIS - Expertise in Energy/Refining and Petrochemical Feedstock field

Stefano Zehnder 

Senior Consultant Global Refining & Petrochemical Feedstocks

Stefano manages the Energy and Refining practice of the company with global responsibility.

In the Energy/Refining and Petrochemical Feedstock field, Stefano leads the development and maintenance of global databases covering production capacity, supply/demand balances and trade movements. These databases are regularly updated and include historical and forecast market scenarios. Stefano's current responsibilities include harmonization of data from regional experts for the subsequent consolidation of global scenarios.

A Swiss-Italian, Stefano has over 20 years of experience and is recognised as an international expert in his field, particularly in the area of Oil Refining Strategy and Petrochemical Feedstocks.

Stefano's key responsibility is to ensure that the consulting services fully meet clients’ strategic objectives in terms of both content and deliverables. In this context, he is familiar with

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Consultant - Kieran Cosgrove - ICIS - Expertise in the global petrochemical industry

Kieran Cosgrove

Senior Consultant, Global Olefins & Derivatives, ICIS Italia

Kieran has been involved in both upstream and downstream consulting activity for over 25 years and currently leads the ICIS petrochemical team based in Italy.

He is very enthusiastic about his new role in the ICIS organization because he sees a natural synergy between market reporting and price- finding and his expertise on supply-demand analysis.

A major task involves maintenance and development of the main databases recording the historical and projected developments of the global petrochemical industry and which form the basis of the company’s multi-client activity. In recent years his efforts have focused on the olefins and derivatives sectors. Separately, his wide-ranging experience has developed through specific client-based studies which include advising North American chemical companies on global investment opportunities, in helping management consultancies with in-depth analysis of the petrochemicals landscape, and with international energy companies in their long-term strategic planning.

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Consultant - James Ray - ICIS - Expertise in manufacturing, converting & recycling polymers

James Ray

Senior Consultant

James has worked for Private Industry (Primarily Capital Management ) in manufacturing, converting & recycling polymers for Blow Molding, Extrusion & Injection Molding as well as Textiles.

His focus was on improving profitability by working smarter & more efficiently including:

  • Reduce Raw Material Costs using market intelligence & benchmarking
  • Establish Raw Material Contracts and align with Commercial Contracts
  • Eliminating waste via Lean Manufacturing.
  • Process Improvement using Six Sigma Methodology

His business advisory experience include:

  • Acquisition, Divestiture, Rationalization.
  • Benchmarking
  • Capital & Resource Planning
  • Contract Consulting
  • Operation Cost Modeling & Activity Based Costing Systems

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Consultant - Ed Sporcic - Market analyst with extensive petrochemical industry experience in business development, market research, economic analysis, linear programming and planning.

Ed Sporcic


Ed is a Chemical Engineer / Market analyst with extensive petrochemical industry experience in business development, market research, economic analysis, linear programming and planning.

Developed toll processing and acquisition economics at seven different refineries for a large investment banking/trading firm, using linear programming. Based on this analysis, several profitable toll processing activities were initiated. (Consulting Engineer).

Developed manufacturing cost data and price forecasts for olefins, aromatics and their major derivatives internationally (Manager, Economic Studies).

Optimized short term and long term production planning for a large olefins complex using a linear programming model, reducing costs by $300,000 per year (Planning Engineer).

Experienced in meeting with various investors in order to assist them in developing new projects in a major industrial city in Saudi Arabia (Petrochemical Support Specialist).

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Consultant - Regan Hartnell - ICIS - Experienced analyst and consultant to petrochemical and energy markets.

Regan Hartnell


Regan has a PhD in chemistry and has experience in speciality chemicals, biotechnology, seed and venture capital for health markets and is an experienced analyst and consultant to petrochemical and energy markets.

Experience of financial, forecasting and market modelling for energy and petrochemical industries and the influence of macroeconomic drivers and their interplay with emerging markets.

Market characterisation and business positioning studies.

Technical and commercial feasibility for new petrochemical investments, and support of financial advisors for chemical investments.

Market, logistical and pricing forecast studies and econometric modelling.

Market advisory at the project financing stage on behalf of an international client that secured a multi-billion dollar debt-facility for the construction of a large greenfield petrochemical complex.

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Consultant - Robert Peacock - ICIS - Expertise in specialty chemical , paints, polymers and polyurethanes markets

Robert Peacock


Rob is a Chemical Engineering graduate (B.Eng from Bradford University) and has spent most of his career in the Chemicals market analysis and consulting business. He joined ICIS in June 2014, in the Sutton, UK office. Prior to ICIS, Rob spent almost four years at IHS Chemical (formerly CMAI), working in the Market Insights division. During his time at CMAI and IHS, Rob worked in the Aromatics team, working on both multi-client market pricing reports and supply demand studies, as well as some single-client studies. Prior to CMAI, he worked for BRG Ltd for eight years, eventually heading up its chemicals multiclient research. At this market intelligence company he worked mainly on the IAL Consultants brand, working on multi and single –client studies in the specialty chemical , paints, polymers and polyurethanes markets, with polyurethanes a particular focus of IAL. Prior to BRG, Rob was a chemical industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

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