ICIS Consulting - Expert & Industry Insight across the Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Energy & Olefins Markets

Expertise and industry insight from ICIS consultants


For businesses facing legal issues or requiring specialist support for contractual disputes, asset or business valuation, restructuring or arbitration - ICIS consultants combine in-depth industry knowledge with experience of providing independent specialist advice in legal disputes.


The potential impact of litigation against your company isn’t just confined to punitive financial measures. Ongoing disagreements on price, services rendered or contractual obligations in changing market conditions can affect performance and tarnish reputations. Valuation disagreements can impact compensation claims or affect tax liabilities.


Our independence and knowledge of markets enables our consultants team to give a fair assessment which is trusted and acknowledged by all parties – and contributes to a rapid resolution.

Skills and expertise to enhance your organisational resources


ICIS consultants understand your sector and have in-depth experience in the world’s energy and crude markets, oil refining, petrochemicals, fertilizers, polymers and fine chemicals. ICIS also provides a targeted consultancy service for China, suppling local insight into the domestic markets for iron, steel, non-ferrous metal, paper and pulp.

Practical support

Our experts are available when you need them to offer advice that is relevant to your industry and your company. We offer:

  • Expert witnesses for disputes over price, service or market issues
  • Independent business, asset or share valuation
  • Contract advice and guidance
  • Arbitration and resolution support

Contact our consultants today to discuss how we can help your business achieve its strategic objectives.


Providing independent expertise to facilitate legal resolutions

The ICIS team of consultants can help address questions such as:

  • Where can we access an independent expert who understands our industry?
  • How should our business resolve current disputes?


“The reassuring thing about involving ICIS was how quickly they understood the complexity of our situation. That meant we were able to get down to the specifics very quickly – and that certainly saved us a lot of time in getting to an effective resolution.”

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