Survival and profit in today’s chaotic petrochemicals markets

Major factors impacting European and global petrochemicals markets today

Survival and profit in today’s chaotic petrochemicals markets

ICIS consultants hosted a pre-seminar at EPCA examining how the chaotic conditions in feedstock and product supply and demand are likely to impact your business and investments in the next 10 years, along with new opportunities emerging for future growth and profit.

Topics included:

  • Energy, refining and the implications for petrochemicals
  • Energy and oil products supply and demand outlook
  • Managing feedstocks markets in this new environment
  • The scale and nature of tomorrow’s opportunities
  • The economic SuperCycle and why it is over

We have made the presentation slides available for you to download.

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Why Scenario Planning?

Scenario planning allows businesses to understand the best- and worst-case outcomes of a proposed project or strategy, as well as all possibilities in between. Businesses using scenario planning are therefore better placed to take advantage of market changes, and can prepare effectively for downturns and negative circumstances (as well as market upturns). In these volatile times, taking this approach will be a well-suited approach to future-proof plans.

Our consultants can help you undertake this exercise and successfully plan for 2017 and beyond.

ICIS offers solutions for mid-to-long term planning

Reliable pricing information

Forecast Price Reports
Produced by the ICIS team of consultants, these reports give a robust rolling 12-month price forecast, trade balances and in-depth analysis into where markets are heading – providing a valuable tool to support your short- to medium-term plans.

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Supply and demand database

Supply and Demand Database
We give you an end-to-end perspective across the global petrochemical and refinery supply chain, enabling you to grasp the local or regional scenario in a global context. Data includes import and export volumes, consumption, plant capacities, production and product trade flows – from 1978 up to 2025.

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In-depth market analysis

Demand – The New Direction for Profit
The new study by ICIS and the independent UK chemicals consultancy, International eChem, is the culmination of five years of ground-breaking forecasting work. It provides a critical assessment of the present economic landscape and a roadmap for navigating towards future profit and growth.

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One-to-one Consulting Service
In-depth market analysisTailored solutions based on your unique business needs. From research and due diligence, to investment analysis and portfolio optimisation, our consultants will work alongside your team to identify challenges, mitigate risks, and help meet your growth objectives.

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