ICIS Special Publication: Scenario Planning for 2016 and Beyond

Why Scenario Planning?
Scenario planning was developed as a management tool in the 1970s. When done well and used as part of a business’s decision support systems, it proves to be a flexible and valuable tool for informing critical business decisions.

Scenario planning allows businesses to understand the best- and worst-case outcomes of a proposed project or strategy, as well as all possibilities in between. Businesses using scenario planning are therefore better placed to take advantage of market changes, and can prepare effectively for downturns and negative circumstances (as well as market upturns). In these volatile times, taking this approach will be a well-suited approach to future-proof plans.

Featured in this publication are white papers produced by the ICIS team of consultants covering:

  • Things to Consider
    Understand the steps and underlying principles of doing strategic scenario planning exercises
  • Regional Shifts
    Looking at the dynamics affecting the regional competitive positions in downstream sectors
  • Asian Giants
    Factors to consider when creating growth plans and business strategies for China and India
  • Market Focus: Middle East
    Oil price volatility and its impact on the Middle East

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