Trade Financing

Mitigate risk with market-responsive pricing intelligence

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Project cash flows with confidence for energy, petrochemicals and fertilizers markets

Project cash flows with confidence

Making complex lending decisions often depend on the accuracy of your cash flow projections. Our comprehensive coverage gives you a holistic view of individual markets, as well as cross-commodities.

ICIS’ trusted price assessments help you in your calculations of likely returns on investment and manage risk in lending to downstream companies. Our analysis also gives valuable insight into the impact of new technologies on project returns.

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saty alert of price movements for commodities markets to support trade finance decisions

Make accurate comparisons

Your work hinges on making insightful comparisons between companies and forecasting project profitability.

Stay alert on price movements and gather regional insights that could affect strategic planning with our pricing forecasts, which range in scope from three months to three years.

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Make trade finance data-backed decisions for commodity sectors

Make data-backed decisions

In order to export and issue letters of credit and insurance with confidence, you need deeper intelligence from experienced industry figures.

Benefit from the training and expertise of our seasoned industry analysts and experts.

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Make confident choices and safeguard your lending decisions with ICIS’ comprehensive petrochemical and energy solutions.

Petrochemical Solutions to support trdae finance decisions financials

Petrochemical Solutions

Spanning over 100 commodities from feedstock to downstream, our comprehensive coverage includes naphtha, olefins, aromatics, polymers, and solvents.

  • Pricing intelligence and assessments covering 25 years of historical data, in accordance with IOSCO PRA principles
  • Monthly price forecasting and market sentiment for key commodities
  • Real-time news, analysis and insights
  • On-demand advisory from our global network of experts and analysts
  • Searchable supply and demand balances, including historical and forecast data from 1978 to 2040, plant utilisation and operating rates
  • Global quarterly supply and demand outlooks across commodities for key value chains and regions
  • At-a-glance overview of supply disruptions, showing the real-time impact of planned and unplanned outages for up to 12 months
  • Added analysis of key market drivers, providing data and insight covering import/export price parity, arbitrage, substitution trends and more
Energy Solutions to support trade finance decisions financials

Energy Solutions

Gain a better understanding of the energy sector with our suite of market intelligence and analytical tools for crude oil, refined oil products, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), power, carbon and more.

  • IOSCO compliant pricing intelligence and historical data
  • Unique news, analysis and insight
  • Technical analysis for gas and power
  • Fundamentals data for power and carbon
  • Outlooks and forecasting data and analysis
  • Market leading data, analysis and on-demand advisory for China energy markets, including crude oil, gas, LNG and more

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