Platform Training


Join our weekly webinars to learn how to navigate and optimise your ICIS Digital Solution.


Module 1: Mastering the Platform (30 minutes)

Learn how to set up and customise your account.



Module 2: Discover More (30 minutes)

Learn how to set up alerts, use the Formula Builder tool and the Excel Plug-In.



Module 3: Live Disruptions Tracker (20 minutes)

Monitor global supply outages and the impact on derivatives markets.



Module 4: Margin Analytics (20 minutes)

Compare variable margins by feedstocks, process technologies and regions.


(Available for the following commodities: Ethylene, Light Olefins, Caustic Soda, Methanol, Styrene, PE, PP, PS, ABS, MEG, EDC, PVC, VCM Asia/Europe/North America)

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