Access and entitlements


How can I add new products to my subscription? 

To add any of these products or services to your existing subscription please contact your ICIS Account Manager

View all our products and services here.



How do I activate my licence key? 

If you are a new user, you first need to register your details here.

If you had a trial, have an existing account or need to add another service, only the licence key needs to be activated. Click here to activate the licence key.

How do I update my subscription with a new license key? 

If you have recently renewed your subscription or added an additional commodity or service, you will need to activate a new license key here.

Check for an email an email from

Not received the email? Contact Client Success

Mobile App

Which phones does the ICIS app support? 

The ICIS app is available for iOS and Android phones.

Is the app included in my subscription? 

Yes, entitled users will have access to the mobile app as part of their subscription.

Where can I find the ICIS app? 

The ICIS mobile app is available here or via your phone’s app store.

Which reports can I download with my app? 

You can access all entitled reports on the mobile app.


Can I change the currency, units or frequency on the price history graph? 

Click on the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of the Price History window.

Change the currency, unit, date range and frequency as needed.

Once you’ve chosen the data you need to click ‘Update’.

How do I download the data into Excel or CSV? 

Click the download icon in the top right-hand corner of the Price History, Price Forecast or Forward Curve window. Select ‘Excel’ or ‘CSV’ from the drop-down options.

How many workspaces can I add?

You can create 15 workspaces in addition to the home tab. You can add up to 11 windows.

Where can I find help with my credit subscription?

If you are a credit subscriber, click here for help and support.



How can I enable cookies on my browser?

If you are logging in on a desktop, please click the link below which matches your browser.

For Firefox, click here.

For Chrome, click here.

For Internet Explore & Edge, click here.

If the instructions do not successfully enable cookies on your browser, or if you are using the platform on your mobile or in China, please contact the Client Success team.

Why do I need cookies to be enabled in order to log in?

When you log into the ICIS platform, we need to store some information to be able to authenticate you while you’re logged in and navigating around the site. This is achieved through cookies and means that when you visit different pages within the ICIS platform we will not ask you to log in again.

For more information about how ICIS uses cookies, please see our Cookie Policy here.