ICIS Digital Enhancements

Supplier Carbon Footprints

What is Supplier Carbon Footprints?

Supplier Carbon Footprints provides specific CO2 equivalent emissions (carbon emissions) for 71 of the world’s chemicals broken down by region, supplier and plant.  

Data covers 71 bulk chemicals and plastics, which are used for the manufacture of many types of goods. 

Which commodities are covered?

Supplier Carbon Footprints are available for 71 commodities. List of commodities available here 

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated annually. The data will be live in the Supplier Carbon Footprints tool by the end of April each year. 

Where can I find information on the methodology?

For subscribers there will be a link to the methodology on the user interface.  

For customers who do not have access to the product it is also available here

New Home Page

How do I set up News on my home page?

ICIS News teams around the world are reporting breaking news stories that impact chemical and energy markets, influence commodity prices and affect business decisions daily.

All news available via your subscription appear on your home page news feed. You can refine this list further by selecting to filter this list by the commodities you’ve selected in your Quick links.

How do I set up my Price Watchlist on my home page?

The Price Watchlist is the quickest way to check if the prices of your commodities have shifted and by how much. You can create your Price Watchlist by clicking the + icon at the top of the Watchlist. This will display a list of all price series you have access to. You can either scroll through the list or search for a price series by name.

To change the order of the prices on your Watchlist, click and hold the price tile and drag it up or down the list.

To remove a price series, just click the bin icon on the right-hand side of the price tile.

How do I set up charts on my home page?

Through your charts, you can customise a space that lets you track the trends across multiple price series for the markets you care about. To create a new chart, click the + icon at the top of the Watchlist. Click the plus icon (+) on the left or right axis to begin adding prices. Search and add the prices to build the charts you need. You can now create dual axes charts and add up to six price series, making them even more powerful. When you’re happy with your chart, click ‘Done’ to save it.

You can change the order of the charts in the My Charts widget by clicking and holding the chart tile and dragging it up or down the list.

To remove a chart from your My Charts widget, click the bin icon which will appear when you hover your cursor over the chart.


Can I change the items which appear in my news feed?

The news feed is your window to access market-moving intel, updated round the clock by a global team of industry experts. To focus on the news that matters to you, go to the top of your news feed and you’ll see the words ‘Filter by my Quick links’. Click on this and you’ll see the list updated to show only relevant news items that correspond to the commodities you selected in your Quick links.

You will need to create some Quick links (a collection of your favourited commodities) first for this function to work.

For instructions on how to do this, see ‘How can I customise my Quick links?’ below.

How can I save news articles?

On the home page, hover over an article. Click the ‘Add to reading list’ link that appears to save the article. You can access the reading list from the ICIS News Channel.

How can I provide feedback?

We’re passionate about bringing you the best possible data and insight, to help you efficiently navigate shifting commodity markets. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our products and services for you, we want to hear it. Simply email support@icis.com. Prefer to call us or use live chat? Find out more >

How can I speak to ICIS, if I want a better understanding of the content?

You can reach out directly to ICIS using the contact details at the top of the Commodity page.

Otherwise, email support@icis.com for further help. Prefer to call us or use live chat? Find out more >

Chemical Data (CDI)

Where can I find the CDI reports on ICIS Digital?

On the Home page, select “View all” under Commodities for quick access to your reports.

You can also save favorite report links on Home page. Go to “Prices” and add the market.

You will see the report link under Commodities as soon as you login.

What else do I see on the CDI Commodity page?

On our CDI Commodity pages, you will find the latest monthly report on the default Product Data tab, along with the latest news and an up-to-the-minute price chart.


In the interactive chart, use the scroll bar to customize your view of the latest price and historical price trends going back five years.

Instantly download an image of the chart or a spreadsheet of the chart’s data.

For select markets, you’ll also see one year of forecasts on the chart.

In the News tab, read timely insights about that specific market.  Use the “Search” box for keywords. For a specific timeframe, select the dates and hit “Apply”.

In the Archive tab, view previously published reports, monthly import and export data, and annual supplements.

Do I have access to CDI’s price history on ICIS Digital?

Yes.  You can view, chart, and download five years of CDI price history from your Commodity page interactive chart.

In addition, the ICIS Excel Plug-in also allows you to update worksheets in Excel instantly with CDI prices going back to 1979. Visit our Excel Plug-in guide to learn more about this feature.

Do I have access to previously published reports on ICIS Digital?

Yes. You can view previously published content from the Archive tab of your Commodity page

Where do I find the CDI publication schedule?

You can find it in on Home page, under Publishing Schedule.

Where is the Full Monthly report for the MPA or MFA?

You will find the latest issues of the Full Monthly Report in the Archive tab of any Commodity page.  Choose the month and year you are interested in from the pulldown menu and then select “View.”

The MPA Full Monthly Report is in the “CDI Petrochemical & Plastics Analysis” menu.

The MFA Full Monthly Report is in the “CDI Feedstocks & Fuels Analysis” menu.

PLEASE NOTE: From the April 2022 issue, the format of the MPA and MFA Full Monthly Reports will change.  They will only include the front-page tables and analysis for each market.

Where is the MPA US Prices Excel file?

The latest price spreadsheet is available each month in the Archive tab, under the menu item called “CDI Petrochemical & Plastics Analysis Data.” Choose the month and year you are interested in from the pulldown menu and then select “View.”

Where is the MFA US Prices and Values Excel file?

The latest price spreadsheet is available each month in the Archive tab, under the menu item called “CDI Feedstocks & Fuels Analysis Data.” Choose the month and year you are interested in from the pulldown menu and then select “View.”

Where are the MFA Highlights and Index of Special Topics?

The latest Highlights and Index of Special Topics are available each month in the Archive tab, in the menu item called “CDI Feedstocks & Fuels Analysis Summary.” Choose the month and year you are interested in from the pulldown menu and then select “View.”

Where is the MPA Economic Summary?

The Economic Summary is available as News article on publication day. You will find it at the top of the “Editor’s Pick” box in the News tab of each commodity page.

You can also set up an email alert to get the Economic Summary sent to your inbox. Visit the Front page of the News Channel. In the search box, type “CDI Economic Summary” in quotes and click “Save this Search”. Name the search and click save.  Lastly, enable alerts for that search in the Alerts & Settings tab.

Where can I find the MPA annual supplements for Capacity, Supply & Demand, and Manufacturing Economics?

The latest annual supplements are available in the Archive tab of the CDI Commodity page. Choose the month and year you are interested in from the pulldown menu and then select “View.”

Where is the MPA monthly Imports and Exports data?

The latest import and exports data is in the Archive tab. You’ll find previously published import and export PDFs there as well.

Where is the Index of Supplemental Tables?

We will discontinue the Index from April 2022.  The Archive tab menus show the dates when the supplements were last published.

Can I receive notifications when the latest CDI report is published?

Yes. You can opt-in to receive ICIS Digital alerts on any Commodity page.

For email alerts, you’ll get a link within the email that will take you directly to that market’s report.

For mobile alerts, you’ll receive a push notification. When clicked, it will take you directly to that market’s report in the app.

Visit our alerts support page to set this up and learn more about this feature.

How will I be notified when prices are finalized?

There will be an announcement on the website and ICIS app as soon as the price is final.


What CDI content can I find on the ICIS app?

In addition to notifications, you can also access the latest CDI prices, reports and an up-to-the-minute News feed. Your Home page choices are synchronized from your desktop to your phone and vice versa.

How can I download the ICIS app?

The app is available on Android and Apple iOS. Search for ICIS wherever you download apps.

Who do I call for support with the CDI or ICIS website?

Our global client support team can assist with queries as and when required available via Live Chat, email or phone.

Email: support@icis.com

  • Americas: +1 713 525 2613; +1 888 525 3255 (toll-free US & Canada)
  • Asia & Oceania: +65 6588 3955
  • China: +86 4007 200 222
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 20 8652 3335

To sign up for a quick demo of CDI on the platform click here

Will my CDI login work on ICIS Digital?

No. Only the login credentials you set up at registration work on ICIS Digital.

What will happen to the CDI Dashboard?

Your CDI Dashboard login will remain active until April 1, 2022

Can I still call my CDI contact directly with market questions?

Yes. Access to market experts is a key aspect of the CDI service and customers can continue to contact the CDI team to get the information they require

Whom do I call with questions about my CDI subscription?

We are committed to providing our customers with the quality data and insight they expect and deserve. Your ICIS account manager will work with you to ensure that you have access to the best products to suit your unique needs.

Is CDI data subject to the same validation process/methodology as ICIS?

The methodology approach is similar and based on the same market survey approach. Over time, we will align ICIS and CDI methodologies and price series where applicable.

Will the CDI brand change?

CDI has strong brand equity in the US. As part of our integration, we will continue reviewing our combined brand and how the CDI offering is positioned alongside the ICIS portfolio.