ICIS Digital Enhancements

Plant Cost Evaluator

What is the Plant Cost Evaluator?

The Plant Cost Evaluator visualises the production costs of individual plants and their relationship to the regional price floor/ceiling; arming you with critical data to act more decisively when  buying, selling, or negotiating.

How regularly is the Plant Cost Evaluator updated?

Weekly through  ICIS’s global network of market experts.

Which commodities are available?

Caustic Soda
Monoethylene Glycol
Polyvinyl Chloride

Which regions are available?

Plant Cost Evaluator is available for EMEA, APAC and Americas

EMEA covers: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Former USSR
APAC covers: NE Asia, S&SE Asia
Americas covers: North America, South & Central America

You can highlight plants in specific countries, or sites on the cost curve.

Is historical cost curve data and/or historical price window data available?

Historical data for cost curves is available back to 2016.

A time series of the price window is not currently available.

How can I download the plant cost evaluator data?

You can download the raw data as a CSV file.

The cost curve chart is downloadable as a PNG file.

How does Plant Cost Evaluator take volatility in prices into account?

Volatility is a factor when unexpected events happen in the market, so Plant Cost Evaluator reflects those changes. It uses spot prices as the basis of its short-term cost calculations, which are typically more responsive than contract prices to changing markets and more closely reflect the absolute price level of deals.


When is the pricing analysis available?

Pricing analysis  is available when there is a reported I.C.I.S price against which to compare. Therefore, in regions where there is no I.C.I.S reported price, there is no floor and ceiling.

These are:
Ethylene & Propylene: Middle East, Former USSR, Africa, South & Central America
HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and PP: Africa
PE: No pricing windows because this is an aggregate of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE

How do I get access to Plant Cost Evaluator?

Plant Cost Evaluator is an add-on to ICIS Insight or I.C.I.S Analyse


Are the Commodities FAQ’s available in other languages?

Yes! Questions relating to the ICIS Digital enhancements and the new commodities pages are available in x10 languages.

Select a language below.

Arabic Dutch German Italian Japanese
Korean Mandarin Russian Spanish Portuguese

Are How to videos available?

How to navigate Commodity Pages Chemicals and Energy videos are available in English and audio in x10 languages.

Price Forecast and Setting set up Commodity Alerts and Magic Link Access available in English


Commodity Pages Chemicals

Available in:  Arabic    Chinese     Dutch     German     Italian     Japanese     Korean     Portuguese    Russian    Spanish


Commodity Pages Energy

Available in:   Arabic     Chinese     Dutch     German   Italian     Japanese     Korean     Portuguese    Russian    Spanish



Price Forecast

Available in: English


Commodity Alert & Magic Link Access

Available in:   English




What is the best way to access my reports?

You’ll be able to access your reports via the dedicated Commodity Page, these are accessible via the home page.

You can also configure your email alerts to receive notification whenever a new report is published – a link within the email will direct you to the website from where you can access your chosen report.

Where can I find my weekly and daily reports?

For Petrochemical commodities, the weekly publications can be found in the Pricing & Insight tab on the commodity pages.

If a commodity page has an associated daily report, it will be found in the Daily Pricing tab. As this will be the most frequently updated page, this is the first page a user will see when opening the commodity page.

For Gas and Power, the daily report is found in Pricing and Insight tab.

If unsure, the date of publication can be seen on the top left of the pages.

How do I download a report?

Easy! Just go to the relevant Commodity Page(s) from where you can conveniently export or download your chosen reports.


Will there be an archive of reports available within ICIS.com?

Yes, the access to historic reports for the last three months will be available within the Commodity Pages. If you need access to earlier publications, you can always contact our Client Success team


I have access to a lot of commodities, how can I set favourites?

You can easily configure the ICIS.com home page to set favourites / view favourite commodities and at-a-glance pricing – simply look for the cog icon as highlighted in the screenshot below to set these up and configure the page as you wish.

Selecting View all will take you to a commodity summary page listing all the commodities available as part of your subscription. This will replace the Reports Channel within ICIS.com.


Will I be able to search for a commodity using abbreviations i.e. PE / Polye?

Yes! Using the search bar on the ICIS.com Home page and throughout the website, which you can use to search for a given commodity – the search function will support most common abbreviations such as ‘PE’ or Polye.

How do I check for the latest prices on the commodities page?

Within each commodity page, there is a secondary navigation menu (as highlighted in the image below). If you select ‘Pricing & Insight’ from this menu, this displays the report, within here clicking on prices in the report you will navigate to latest published price table.

How do I find out about the very latest market activity and developments?

You can stay up to date with real-time breaking news and analysis from around the globe, for each commodity.

Access this via the secondary navigation News also via the right panel to view related commodity news.

News FAQ’s

How can I find the latest production changes and disruptions?

You may wish to try the Live Disruption Tracker, a powerful data visualisation which provides an up-to-date view of the global supply scenario for a given commodity (including disruptions). Available for a range of commodities, the tracker enables you to quickly evaluate whether a market is long or short, mitigate risks to supply availability and adjust pricing strategies – using a customisable, interactive interface.

Analytics FAQ’s

Will I be able to view the Commodity Pages on my mobile?

Yes, the new Commodity pages as well as the Homepage and News Channel are fully responsive, so you can access all of your content from any device. If you mainly access ICIS content from your mobile phone, we recommend to use our mobile app.

What changes should I expect with emailed report delivery?

In order to reduce and simplify the volume of emails you receive from ICIS, we will now be providing your market reports as links taking you directly to the relevant commodities page on ICIS.com.  

You will receive an email, at the regular time with a consolidated list of links that have been published within a similar timeframe 

Will the email address change?

Yes email alerts will be dispatched from a new email address: alerts@email.icis.com  

We recommend you whitelist our address by adding us to your safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails 

What are the Price Driver Analytics Tools?

At-a glance Price Driver analytics help you monitor competition beyond your country and region in order to maximise your margin potential and optimise sales opportunities – featuring analysis and actionable commentary, they are available across a range of commodities and include widgets you can use to analyse Import parity, Arbitrage/ Netbacks, Substitution, Feedstock & Downstream trends.


What are the Margin Analytics Tools?

Margins Analytics are a powerful, at-a-glance analytics tool available for a range of commodities – they visualises the latest variable cost and margin data by feedstock and location.

What is the Price Optimisation Tool?

Price Optimisation is a digital tool intended to save you precious time gathering information – use it to immediately identify where and at what price level to buy or sell a given commodity. Available for a range of commodities, the tool visualises net price differences between regions and countries through an interactive, global map – helping you to prioritise your sales, source opportunities, justify your pricing strategies and assess competitive threats.

What are Supply & Demand Outlooks?

Supply & Demand Outlooks are available for a range of commodities providing a global, quarterly overview of market conditions for the previous three months plus ICIS expectations for the current quarter across key value chains.

Chemical Data

Who is CDI?

Chemical Data (CDI) is a leading provider of petrochemical price benchmarks and predictive analytics based in Houston. Established in 1979, CDI has more than 40 years of experience supporting transactional and short-term planning decisions in the dynamic US petrochemical and plastics industry.

Will the CDI brand change?

We recognise that CDI has strong brand equity in the US. As part of our integration, we will continue reviewing our combined brand and how the CDI offering is positioned alongside the ICIS portfolio

Who do I call for support with the CDI or ICIS website?

Our global client success team can assist with queries as and when required available via Live Chat, email or phone.


•Americas:+1 713 525 2613; +1 888 525 3255 (toll-free US & Canada)

•Asia & Oceania:+65 6588 3955

•China:+86 4007 200 222

•Europe, Middle East & Africa:+44 20 8652 3335

Can I still call my CDI contact directly with market questions?

Yes. Access to market experts is a key aspect of the CDI service and customers can continue to contact the CDI team to get the information they require.

Who do I call with questions about my CDI subscription?

Please reach out to your account manager, who will work with you to ensure that you have access to the best products to suit your unique needs. If you are unsure who your account manager is, please reach out to our client success team for support.

What will happen to the CDI Dashboard?

From April 2021, CDI data and intelligence will be available through ICIS Digital, enabling CDI customers to get the user experience ICIS customers enjoy. This includes Commodity pages providing access to the latest price and market intelligence.
Customers can also access CDI price and forecasts throughout the platform, from the home page to the Excel Plug-in, as well as the mobile app.

Your CDI Dashboard login will remain active while we continue to combine our data and intelligence from the CDI website to ICIS Digital.

Is CDI data subject to the same compliance and methodology process as ICIS?

The methodology approach used by CDI is similar to the process used at ICIS and is also based on the same market survey approach. Nonetheless, both businesses have robust compliance policies in place to ensure our methods are compliant with the high standards our customers expect. Over time, we will align ICIS and CDI methodologies and prices where applicable.

How do I access the latest CDI content on ICIS Digital?

You can view the latest monthly contract prices from your home page as soon as you log in.
To save favorites, click on the wheel icon in the Prices section; find the commodity you want; and toggle on the contracts you want to follow.
Commodity pages
The latest market analysis can be found on the “Product Data” tab on the Commodity pages, along with contract prices and forecasts.
You can also access Commodity pages via the home page, or by the Commodity Page Summary list.
Mobile app
CDI prices that you save to the Prices section on the Home page of the website will be available on the home page of the mobile app.
You can also access the latest monthly CDI reports, and your up-to-the-minute News feed.
Get notifications to your phone for breaking news with Market Alerts and for when the latest publications are available with Commodity Alerts.
Easily manage your notification settings directly from the app. To download the app, visit
You can simply search for the name of the commodity you are interested in from the search bar on the top right corner on the homepage.

Do I have access to CDI’s Library on ICIS Digital?

The CDI library is not currently available on ICIS Digital. We will add the library to the platform over the coming months, and we will inform customers once it is available. You can still access the library content on the CDI Dashboard.

Do I have access to CDI’s price history on ICIS Digital?

Yes. You can view, chart, and download five years of CDI price history from any CDI Commodity page chart.

The ICIS Excel Plug-in also allows you to instantly update your worksheets in Excel, with CDI prices going back to 1979 as well as the latest forecasts.

Visit our Excel Plug-in page to learn more about this feature.

Do I have access to previously published reports on ICIS Digital?

Yes. You can view past reports from the Archive tab of any CDI Commodity page. All resources go back to January 2020.
We will continue to add more reports to the ICIS Digital archive over the coming months.
You can continue to access past reports from the CDI Dashboard as well.

Where are the monthly Imports and Exports data?

The latest import and exports for each commodity can be found in the Archive tab of any CDI Commodity page under the menus labelled “Imports” and “Exports”.

Where are the supplemental tables?

The latest supplemental tables for each commodity, as well as all previously published PDFs, are in the Archive tab under the menu items with the “annual” label.

Where do I find the CDI publication schedule?

On ICIS Digital click on the question mark icon along the top of the homepage. Click on Publishing Schedule to access the CDI publication schedule.

Where is the consolidated MPA price report?

You can find the latest MPA PDF in the Archive tab of any CDI Commodity page under the menu labelled “CDI Petrochemical & Plastics Analysis.”

If you are an MFA subscriber, the MFA PDF is under “CDI Feedstocks & Fuels Analysis”

Where is the Economic Summary?

You will find the latest summary each month at the top of the “Editor’s Pick” box in the News tab of your commodity page. Previously published issues of the Economic Summary are available in the Archive tab.

Where is the Prices Summary Excel and PDF?

Previously published Prices Summary Excel and PDF files will be available in the Archive tab of any CDI Commodity page going back to January 2020.
For future content, you can update Excel worksheets with the latest CDI contract prices and forecast data with the ICIS Excel Plug-in.
You can also easily integrate price data into your contract formulas and spread calculations.
Visit our Excel Plug-in page to learn more about this feature.
Additionally, you can download CDI price history (up to 5 years) and forecasts (18-24 months) directly from the interactive chart of each CDI Commodity page.

Will I continue to receive an email when the latest CDI report is available?

Yes. On ICIS Digital, you must opt in to receive an email when the latest content has been published. There is an option to set up alerts in the top-right corner of each CDI Commodity page.
You can also set up multiple alerts for email and mobile app in the Commodity Alerts page under Tools & Services.
An ICIS email alert will provide a link that will take you directly to your ICIS Commodity pages.
A mobile notification will launch the app and take you directly to the report.
Please visit our alerts support page to learn more about this feature.

Will my CDI login work on ICIS Digital?

No. The login credentials you set up at registration will enable you to access ICIS Digital.