Getting started


How do I register with ICIS?

You can learn everything you need to know about registering with ICIS with this video:


How do I activate my licence key?

If you are a new user, you first need to register your detail here.

If you had a trial, have an existing account or need to add another service, only the licence key needs to be activated. Click here to activate your licence key.

Where do I find my licence key? 

Licence keys are sent by email. As soon as your subscription is set up, you will receive an email from with this subject: ‘Welcome to your ICIS Subscription’.

Within the email detailing your access, there will be alpha/numeric licence key.

Depending on your agreement, a licence key can be shared within teams. Do you have a co-ordinator for ICIS access you can check with?

Otherwise contact us to discuss this further.

Logging in

How do I log in for the first time? 

Go to ICIS Subscriber home page.

Some customers’ accounts are created and you will be emailed your user name. You will be required to reset the password.

Or you may be required to activate a subscription license key and register your details to create your account.

What is my username?

This will be your personal business email address.

How can I change my username?

To change your username, please email the Client Success team


I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Reset it here. You will receive a secure link to complete the reset via email from

Not received the email?

Check your junk/clutter/spam folders.

How can I change my password? 

You can complete this securely online. Enter your existing and new passwords, and confirm your new password by clicking ‘Change Password’.

What type of content can I search for?

ICIS platform content can be searched in accordance with subscriptions.

How are reports and prices sorted?

In the initial release all prices and reports visible in search are sorted in date order, starting with the most recently updated item.

Error message: no matches were found for the query “x”

Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  • Remove filter(s)
  • Check the spelling of the search terms
  • Reduce the number of words within your query
  • Try using different words to describe what you are looking for

Please note the search will only return results based on your entitlement. If you think that you should be receiving content based on your search, please contact Client Success.

Content & Data

How does ICIS gather information? 

ICIS price quotations are based on information gathered from a wide cross-section of the market, comprising consumers, producers, traders and distributors. To find out more about how ICIS gathers information, click here.

How can I use ICIS data? 

For details refer to section 8. ‘Use of the Products’ from our terms and conditions.

How often is price data updated? 

ICIS pricing reports are published throughout the week with the vast majority published on Friday. Some are published on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and a select few are published daily. ICIS pricing reports are generally written on the day of publication.

When will the contract price settle?

The date the contract price will settle is not something we can guarantee as this is market dependent.

We can advise an estimate when we expect the contract prices to settle based on trends and the time of the month that it settled previously.

Europe aromatics and Olefins First of the month
Polymers and Solvents Third week of the month


A great way to keep up to date with contract prices is to set up price alerts to ensure that you do not miss when the contract price settles. Advice on setting up price alerts can be found here.

Where can I find the publishing schedule? 

Schedules for our Price and Energy reports as well as ICIS Chemical Business are available here

Where can I find the product methodology? 

Direct links to an individual commodity are available from the reports channel.

Alternatively, you can visit our compliance site for the full suite of methodology documents which are searchable by commodity here.

Where can I see the ICIS methodology consultations? 

View the next ICIS methodology consultations here.

How do I become an ICIS editorial contact and why should I think about it? 

ICIS relies on market contacts to obtain complete and accurate information about the commodity markets it covers. Sources that provide relevant and accurate market data are central to a robust and reliable price discovery process.

ICIS editors work hard to verify information about market conditions. The larger the number of sources we have, the more accurate our reports are. Please see the ICIS Data Standards Policy for more information.

If you would like to have your view of market conditions reflected by our editors, please use the email contact details in the report to get in touch with us.

What exchange rates does ICIS use? 

ICIS uses exchange rates from different providers.

For currency conversions of chemical prices the exchange rates are used.

For conversions of forward-looking price assessments related to energy commodities such as gas, LNG, coal and power, the future exchange rates are used as provided by Bloomberg.

Get in touch

How can I get in touch with Client Success? 

Client Success are your first point of call for any general enquiry or for queries relating to your ICIS Digital solution.

Monday to Friday: 24 hours
Sunday: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm GST
By phone, live chat and email


How can I get in touch with the sales team? 

To reach our sales team please submit your request and details here.