New at ICIS

14 November 2019: News service improvements

We have now launched our new News service!

What this means if you are a pricing only subscriber

We have retired the Market Updates window and you will now have a dedicated News page.

This update will improve the way you search for News within your subscription, introduce filters to articles, as well as providing you with an enhanced interface to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

What this means if you are a News subscriber

The update to your News service will now include a front page highlighting Featured Articles and key Insight & Analysis pieces, as well as saved searches and alerts, all in an enhanced interface.

We are also working on updating our filters to allow you to navigate seamlessly to news surrounding Topics, Commodities or Regions of interest.

View the News Page here.

What’s Next?

We have a number of additional features coming your way including:

  • Editor’s Picks – articles picked for you by our editors on your Front Page
  • Article Page Enhancements – adding in related articles and most read stories
  • Edit Saved Searches – ability to edit your saved searches (News subscribers only)
  • Push Notifications – have news articles delivered directly to your mobile device

29 May 2019: Access all ICIS Analytics in one place

On 29 May 2019, we launched a new Analytics page that enables customers to access all their analytical features easily from one central location.

The “Analytics” menu in the navigation will directly lead you to your new Analytics page (see below), listing all the ICIS analytics tools and products included in your subscription.

Those analytical tools include:

  1. Live Disruptions Tracker – Supply view: Access a global view of scheduled and unscheduled outages and expected new capacities.
  2. Live Disruptions Tracker – Impact view: Assess the market balance and potential price impacts. This view links production shutdowns with downstream consumption capacity loss.
  3. Price Optimisation Analytics (launched in Q2 2019) – Allows users to select an origin (seller view) or destination (buyer view) to view where and at what price levels to best buy or sell at.
  4. Margin Analytics (launched in Q1 2019) – Actionable variable margins to inform your price talks, benchmark your margins, and help you assess supply risk.
  5. Power, Carbon and LNG market analytics

The links to any of those tools will not change, however, they will not be accessible under “Tools&Services” anymore, but only directly from the Analytics page.

19 March 2019: Fully customisable homepage

On 19 March 2019, we launched a new set of enhancements for our ICIS homepage and app.

The key enhancements for the homepage include:

1. Order your prices and charts based on your priorities: by using the cog buttons, you can now change the order of the prices and charts shown on your homepage and app. Just select ‘Order by custom’, then drag and drop your prices to reorder them.

2. Enhanced detailed price view on your homepage: clicking on the individual prices and charts on your homepage will open up a new window with a detailed graph of the commodity’s price development. In this view, you can now also change the time period shown to 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

On our ICIS mobile app, we have also released smaller features to improve the reliability of the app. You can download it from your App or Play Store.

17th Jan 2019: Detailed price view on the homepage

On 17th January 2019, we launched a new set of enhancements for our ICIS homepage and app.

The key enhancements for the homepage include:

1. Detailed price view on your homepage: when clicking on the individual price display within the pricing card on the right hand side of your homepage, it will open up a new window with a graph of the price developments of the last year of high, low and mid-prices of that certain commodity.

2. Highlighting of discontinued price series on the homepage: if we decide to discontinue a price series, we will now clearly show this on the homepage. This enables you to edit your choice of prices shown as soon as a price has been discontinued.

For our ICIS mobile app, we also released smaller features to improve the reliability of the app. You can download it from your App or Play store.

22 November 2018: Enhanced Customer Platform

On November 22, 2018, we released enhancements to the current platform to our ICIS customers. This is the first release of a wider investment to provide you with a platform that will help you to navigate complex market dynamics and anticipate the impact of change before it happens.

This release includes:

  1. A new navigation enabling access to all of the ICIS content directly. You will find several features of the ICIS offerings, such as the Live Disruption Tracker under the ‘Tools & Services’ menu.
  2. A newly launched homepage that offers our report users instant access to data and market updates, with expert insights, prices and charts now accessible on one single page. The homepage will be set up  based on your subscription. Only if you subscribe to more than 6 reports, we will ask you to indicate your favourite reports on first log-in in order to populate your homepage accordingly.
    If you want to change the prices shown on your homepage in the Charts or Price section, you can always do that via the editing button in the right hand corner.
    You can navigate to this homepage directly by using the link or by clicking on Home in your new navigation.
  3. A mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to access your news, prices and reports wherever you go. You can download it directly from your mobile’s app store.

All settings on your dashboard, reports or news channel will remain as they are during this release, so none of your data will be lost.

If you have any feedback regarding these enhancements, feel free to contact our Customer Support Centre.

We will be continuously enhancing the ICIS platform from now on, so watch this space for further announcements on new features.