Tools and Settings


What kind of alerts does ICIS offer? 

There are three types of alerts which you can set up:  

Pricing Alerts

  • Notifications informing you of changes in your price assessments or formulas, triggered by the criteria that you choose. 

Market Alerts

  • Real-time news notifications on individual commodities about price changes and events affecting prices. 

 Summary Alerts

  • A single email summarising your selected alerts. Tailor frequency, date and time to best suit your information needs.

What is a price movement alert? 

A price movement alert is an email you will receive if your selected quote(s) change according to your chosen criteria: low / mid / high price points.

To create a price movement alert, click on ‘Alerts’ in the Tools & Services drop-down. Click ‘Create New’ in the Price Alerts window and complete the four stages.

How do I manage or delete alerts? 

Select ‘Alerts’ from the Tools & Services channel drop-down.  

Find the alert which you would like to manage or delete. Use the on/off toggle next to each alert to enable or disable an email alert. To remove an individual alert from the summary alert which you receive, click ‘Remove from summary’ next to that alert.

How do I set up an alert? 

Please refer to pages 2-5 in this User Guide.

Can I set up alerts for plant outages?

Currently, it is not possible to set up alerts for plant outages. However, there will be soon be the option to set up email notifications to stay informed on:

  • Plant outages (by region, country and/or company)
  • Supply disruptions according to thresholds that you have set

Excel Plug-in

Am I eligible to download the Excel Plug-in? 

Yes, all entitled users have access. To gain access, you first need to download and install it.

How do I download and install the Excel Plug-in? 

View details on the service and click the link to download here.

Can I access the ICIS Excel Plug-In on a mobile device?

The plug-in is not currently available on mobile devices (smart phones or tablets) or via the Microsoft Excel mobile app, but it may have this capability in the future.

How many quotations can I add? 

You can add a maximum of 250 quotations per work sheet.

I clicked on Refresh and my sheet has not been updated. What do I do?

There are three reasons for this:

  • The original data was downloaded for a defined date range, and the ‘Current’ flag was not ticked. This means that newer data will not be downloaded onto this sheet. If ‘Current’ was selected then the date range on the Excel sheet will be in red text, otherwise it will be in black text.
  • There are no changes to data within the date range selected, therefore the data remains unchanged.
  • The sheet has been moved from one workbook to another. In this instance there is an Excel limitation which prevents the properties relating to the sheet being moved across, and therefore it cannot be refreshed.

My ICIS tab is no longer visible in Excel. What do I do?

The ICIS Excel Plug-In has become disabled / inactive.

It can be re-enabled as follows:

  1. Click ‘File’ and select ‘Options’.
  2. Select ‘Add-ins’.
  3. Click ‘Manage’ and toggle to ‘Disabled Items’.
  4. Click ‘Go’.
  5. Highlight RBI.ICIS.ExcelAddIn.PlugIn and click ‘Enable’.

Whom can I contact if I have problems installing the Excel Plug-in?

Please contact Customer Support:

Asia & Middle East:
+65 6588 3955
Europe & Africa:
+44 20 8652 3335
+1 713 525 2613

Toll free US and Canada: +1 888 525 3255