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What internet browsers can/should I use on

During the development process, the ICIS technology team strives to test against the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.

How do I whitelist an email address?

To whitelist an email address means you add the sender to your approved senders list.  

In Outlook (2016) click the Junk button on the toolbar ribbon. 

Select Junk Email Options

Click the Safe Senders tab. 

Click the Add… button. 

Enter email address 

Click OK. 


Is the ICIS App included in my subscription? 

Yes, entitled users will have access to the ICIS App as part of their subscription.

Which phones does the ICIS App support? 

The ICIS App is available for iOS and Android phones.

Where can I find the ICIS App? 

The ICIS App is available on iOS and Android here

How do I login to the ICIS App?

Use your existing subscriber platform username and password to log in to the ICIS App.


What kind of alerts does ICIS offer? 

ICIS provides alerts for article publication, updates to prices and market drivers.


  • Notifications informing you when your selected commodity is updated.


  • Notifications informing you of changes in your price assessments or formulas, triggered by the criteria that you choose.


  • A single email summarising your selected Pricing alerts. Tailor frequency, date and time to best suit your information needs.


  • Real-time news notifications on individual commodities about price changes and events affecting prices.

Supply Disruption

  • Notification informing you of planned/unplanned disruptions triggered by the criteria that you choose.

What is a commodity alert?

An alert that you will receive when your selected commodity report publication is updated.

They will be sent to your inbox as soon as a new report is published with a direct link to the updated content on the relevant commodity page.

You can easily configure and personalise on the Alerts page.


To create an alert, click on ‘Commodity Alerts’ in the Tools & Services menu.

  • Click ‘Create an alert’ in the Alerts window
  • Select category Pricing & Insight
  • Select and save your preferred commodities.

What is a price movement alert? 

An alert that you will receive if your selected quote(s) or formula(s) change according to your chosen criteria: low / mid / high price points.

To create a price movement alert, click on ‘Alerts’ in the Tools & Services drop-down.

Click ‘Create New’ in the Price Alerts window and complete the four stages.

What is a Market Alert?

An alert you will receive about the most important market information as soon as it is published with a direct link to the news article.

Click choose commodities, select one or multiple commodities from the list and either Email, Mobile or both and click done when you’re finished selecting.

What are Saved Search Alerts?

Saved Search alerts are only available for full news subscribers.

An alert from saved searches you can customise to receive daily, weekly and choose any time that suits you. You can have up to 20 saved searches.

In either the News Stream or Insight & Analysis after using the search and results are displayed you will have the option to save this search. You will be prompted to name the search and then save to complete. Your saved search will be listed in Saved Searches

Click on Delivery Settings to edit delivery settings ensure to select your timezone, switch on email delivery and chosen delivery time/frequency.

How do I manage or delete alerts? 

Select ‘Alerts’ from the Tools & Services channel drop-down.

Find the alert which you would like to manage or delete. Use the on/off toggle next to each alert to enable or disable an email alert. To remove an individual alert from the summary alert which you receive, click ‘Remove from summary’ next to that alert.

What should I do if I do not receive an alert?

If you do not receive an alert please check your Junk E-mail folder in case the alert was delivered there instead of your inbox. 


SubjectICIS Alerts  

We recommend you whitelist our address by adding us to your safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails

How do I set up an alert for LNG Edge?

You can customise e-mail alerts via the settings page here.

Excel Plug-in

How do I download and install the Excel Plug-in? 

The install instructions and link for download is available here.

For LNG Edge link is available via the downloads section here.

Why can’t I install the Excel Plug-in?

You may find that your company firewall is preventing the download from completing.

Please contact your administrator and ask them for assistance.


What is the ICIS API?

The ICIS API provides authorised users with a secure interface through which a variety of data sets can be accessed. A quicker, easier way to access the data you need to support your decision-making and research, directly to your systems.

How do I get started with the ICIS API?

View the ICIS API Quick Start, click here