ICIS Training

Helping you navigate the petrochemical, polymer and surfactant markets

ICIS has developed a series of training courses, to provide industry players with the information and understanding they need to navigate global chemical markets with confidence.

Designed and led by ICIS experts, with the support of prestigious market leaders, these courses offer fundamental insights into the workings of key industries.

We provide training in the following areas:

Petrochemicals Training

Our petrochemicals training series comprises of 3 courses, catering to the needs of both new entrants to the market, and participants looking to enhance their understanding of this complex industry. Exploring supply chain relationships, feedstocks, pricing, and the impact of recent developments, ICIS training offers essential insights into global petrochemicals.

An In-Depth Introduction looks at the changing petrochemicals industry, covering the basics in a comprehensive two-day course. Alongside this, ICIS offers a day course exploring the Fundamentals of Petrochemicals Feedstocks, as well as a Plant Economics and Forecasting course to help your plan your sales and investment strategy.

Polymers Training

A two-day interactive course, The Fundamentals of Polymers is designed to give delegates a comprehensive understanding of both the commercial and technical aspects of polymers. As well as covering the basics, the course explores the impact of recent developments on the polymers industry, and how it affects your business.

This course provides crucial insights into polymers production and markets, at a time where developments such as the crude oil price crash and China’s slowdown have created uncertainty in the market. Whether you are a trader, investor, decision-maker or producer, ICIS Training can help you keep up with this fast-paced industry.   


Surfactants Training

The Surfactant Business Essentials provides key insights into this fast-evolving industry, looking at the types of surfactants, the value chain, price drivers and supply chain relationships. This is a non-technical course focused on the business basics, to help you understand how global surfactants markets function. 

As the competitive landscape of the global surfactants industry shifts, amidst developments such as vertical integration and low cost feedstocks, this course offers useful guidance for buyers, sellers and decision-makers looking to keep up with the market. Led by industry expert Neil Burns, it provides an essential understanding of international surfactant markets. 

Base Oils Training

Attend our base oils training course series to get a better understanding of different base oils processing technologies, how products are produced and used, and what lies ahead for the global oil, refined products and base oils markets. View our training course series for base oils below: read more >>

Specialist Training

Our speciality training courses offer deeper insights into the chemical, energy and fertilizer markets, focusing on key principles and the skills needed to navigate them successfully. From hedging and channel management to advanced purchasing skills, ICIS training enables delegates to make better decisions, with a clear understanding of the fundamentals driving the industry.