Specialist Training Courses

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Global chemical, fertilizer and energy markets are shaped by complex and ever-changing factors, as regional dynamics, price drivers, and value chains constantly shift and evolve. Staying up to date with the latest industry developments is important, but even more crucial is a firm understanding of market fundamentals.

ICIS has developed a selection of speciality training courses, suitable for delegates in positions across the chemical, fertilizer and energy industries, focusing on key concepts and skills in these sectors.

From analytical techniques to strategy planning and risk management, these courses will enable you to hedge your position, optimise your portfolio, and accurately plan ahead in even the most challenging of climates.

Industrial Gases: Products, Markets and Economics

Understand the fundamentals of industrial gases, including production processes, applications and markets as well as the interface with the refining and petrochemicals industries. Get deeper insights into how industrial gases are supplied, commercial practices, and regional pricing issues in the midst of the changing world of industrial gases.


Advanced Purchasing Skills

Enhance your understanding of prices, margins and cost structures in this advanced purchasing skills course. Develop analytical techniques and learn how to measure your performance, to gain first-move advantage in petrochemicals.


Global LNG Markets & Pricing

Develop your understanding of LNG markets, with insights into pricing mechanisms, price drivers, regional differences, shipping and supply/demand trends. This one-day course provides latest insights by experienced ICIS editors who are in live touch with LNG markets.


Channel Management in Chemicals - Logistics and Distribution

Gain key insights into logistics and distribution for chemicals, energy and fertilizer markets, exploring the fundamentals for success as well as the challenges facing the industry, in this interactive one-day course.


Hedging and Risk Management

Get to grips with hedging and risk management in this comprehensive one-day course. Covering the types, approaches and key principles of hedging, as well as the issues involved, it’s an in-depth introduction to managing risk in these sectors.