ICIS mobile Dashboard

As an ICIS Dashboard customer you can access your ICIS data, news and reports on the move via the ICIS mobile web app.

The ICIS mobile web app for smart phones

View your ICIS data on the move

You can use the mobile web app to view pricing data, news and reports for the products you subscribe to via the ICIS Dashboard, meaning you can keep in touch with the latest prices and market developments even when you’re away from your desk.

Getting the ICIS mobile web app

Existing dashboard customers

Go to www.icis.com/mobiledashboard on your phone’s browser and enter your existing dashboard username and password.

Not a customer?

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about the prices, news and reports available on the dashboard.  We’ll be happy to arrange a demo for you.

Help and resources

Here you will find help and guidance for using the ICIS mobile web app.  If you still have questions after looking at the FAQs, please contact your account manager directly.

Add the app to your phone’s home screen

This enables you to a launch the app with a single tap.


Tap the share button in the browser and select the Add to Home Screen icon.


  1. Go to www.icis.com/mobiledashboard on your phone’s browser.
  2. Select the menu button and add the page to your bookmarks.
  3. Open your bookmarks using the menu button, and select the bookmark you want to add to your homepage.
  4. Tap and press on the bookmark until you see an action menu.
  5. Select Add to Home Screen.


To pin a website

  1. Open the website you want to pin.
  2. Press More , then press Pin to Start.

Frequently asked questions

1) What’s the url for the mobile web app?

The web app can be accessed at www.icis.com/mobiledashboard.

The desktop version link is www.icis.com/dashboard/.

2) What devices can I use the mobile web app on?

The web app has been created to be used on smart phones for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

3) Can I use the mobile web app on tablets?

The web app is intended to be used on smart phones.

If you’re using a tablet, we’d recommend that you use the desktop version of the dashboard for the best user experience.

4) How do I log in?

Use your dashboard user name and password to log into the mobile web app.

5) Do I need to log in each time I go to access the app?

No, you can use the ‘Remember me’ functionality so that you’ll only have to log in the first time.

6) What information can I see via the web app?

You’ll be able to access the price assessments, reports and news attached to your dashboard subscription via the web app.

You’ll also be able to view limited price history data for the last 14 data points.

If you subscribe to the full news service, you’ll be able to see all news stories via the app.

7) Will I still be able to access information if I don’t have access to wifi or 3/4G?

You can save reports to your smart phone for reading offline.  You won’t be able to access latest price data or news whilst offline.

8) Will I have access to all the data I can view on the desktop version of the dashboard?

The mobile web app doesn’t give access to all of the same functionality as the desktop version of the dashboard.  Data or functionality which can’t be accessed from the web app are:

  • Supply & Demand windows
  • ICIS Live
  • Charting
  • Customizable workspaces

Key features

  • Easy log-in - "Remember me" function means you only have to log-in the first time
  • Use your existing dashboard log-in details – your user name and password remain the same
  • Access latest price assessments
  • View price history for the last 14 data points
  • Read breaking news including access to the full news service if you subscribe to it
  • Access current and past reports
  • Save reports to your device for reading offline
  • Get updates from ICIS

Want to access the desktop version of the dashboard?

Log in here

Your feedback

Although we’ve tested the web app on a number of different smart phones, if you experience issues using it with a particular handset, we’d like to know. 

Please get in touch with our Customer Support team and provide details of the smart phone and the OS version if possible.

Customer support:

+44 20 8652 3335

United States:
+1 888 525 3255 (toll free US or Canada) or +1 713 525 2613

Asia/Middle East:
+65 6588 3955