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Access & Login

How do I log in to ICIS Clarity for the first time?

To get started, you will need your Welcome email. This will be sent to you from icis.subs@icis.com with subject: ICIS Clarity: Your account

Your Welcome email will provide you with a link to create your password. 

What is my username for the ICIS Clarity?

Your username is your business email address.

How do I activate my trial to ICIS Clarity?

To get started, you will need your trial activation email. This will be sent to you from icis.subs@icis.com with subject: ICIS Clarity: Your trial activation details

You will be asked to enter your email address, choose a password and enter a License Key provided in your trial activation email to complete the process.

How do I complete the trial activation if my email is already in the system?

If you are seeing a message stating your email address is already in the system you do not need to re-register your details.

You will need to complete a password reset, then login and activate the trial.

Please use the Forgot password link to reset the password.

Once you have successfully reset your password click here to login and activate the trial with the license key provided in your trial activation email.

How can I add users to my account?

All user requests require approval from your ICIS Account Manager.

From April 10, 2023, ICIS will require basic user information to be provided in order for us to process all new user requests, enabling us to better service your users from day one of their journey with us. On the ‘ICIS New User request form’ please complete the relevant data in columns A-E for each new user you wish to add. Once completed, please send the form to your ICIS Account Manager who will either approve or deny access based on your company’s license.

If approved your Account Manager will process the request and confirm the new user activation.

How can I schedule some time with the ICIS team to help my company get more from ICIS data and insight?

We’re always happy to arrange a session for you or your team to help you get more from ICIS Clarity.

Schedule a live session here with one of our trainers today.

How do I find out what my subscription gives me access to?

If you are a new customer of ICIS, your commodities and subscription benefits are listed in your ‘Get up and running’ email, which will have been sent to you from welcome@comms.icis.com.

Or if you are an existing customer and you have renewed your subscription, you will see your commodities and subscription benefits included in your renewal email.

If you’ve registered and logged in to icis.com, you will be able to see your commodities listed here.

Need help? Email us at support@icis.com. Prefer to call us or use live chat? Find out more >

How can I change my username?

To change your username, email us at support@icis.com. Prefer to call us or use live chat? Find out more >

How can I change my password? 

You can do this securely online. Simply enter your current password, set a new preferred password and confirm this by selecting ‘Change Password’.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

You can reset your password here. You’ll receive an email from support@icis.com with a secure link to complete the reset.

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your junk/clutter/spam folders, as they can often be found in there.

How can I add ICIS products and services to my existing subscription?

To learn more about the solutions and services we offer, and our unrivalled coverage of inter-connected chemicals and energy commodity markets around the world – visit here.

If at any time you’d like to make changes to your existing subscription please contact your ICIS Account Manager.

Who can I contact if I have any issues with my account?

If you have any problems at all, don’t hesitate to email us at support@icis.com. Prefer to call us or use live chat? Find out more >

Content & Data

Holiday Publication Schedule

To view the full schedule, hover over the question mark icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, then select Publishing Schedule.

Publishing and Non-publishing dates – 2024

May 2024


ICIS Quotelist

ICIS metadata price series.  Files are updated on the first working day of each month.

Live: FTP Live_QuoteList_01July2024

Discontinued: FTP Discontinued_QuoteList_01July2024

FTP will be decommissioned in the near future, therefore these will be the last lists to be made available.

How does ICIS gather information? 

ICIS price quotations are based on information gathered from a wide cross-section of the market, comprising consumers, producers, traders and distributors. Find out More

How often is price data updated? 

ICIS pricing reports are published throughout the week with the vast majority published on Friday. Some are published on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and a select few are published daily. ICIS pricing reports are generally written on the day of publication.

When will the contract price settle?

The date the contract price will settle is not something we can guarantee as this is market dependent.

We can advise an estimate when we expect the contract prices to settle based on trends and the time of the month that it settled previously.

  • Europe Aromatics and Olefins: First of the month
  • Europe Polymers and Solvents: Third week of the month

News articles are published for contract negotiations, settlements and delays, search ICIS Clarity with the product name plus the word ‘contract’ for these articles.

We recommend to set up Market Alerts to receive these updates.

When will the contract price be available for download?

Where a contract settles for a future period, it does not display in price history, Excel Plug-In or API until publication of the first ICIS report within that period. The majority of price reports are published weekly on Friday’s.

e.g. Ethylene Europe contract price for May was settled 1st May, a news story will be published to announce this on the same day. The price will be available on the next publication 5th May.

We are planning to address this in the future in order to make the contract price available as soon as it has been settled.

Why is a product or price no longer available?

The key drivers for changes such as price quote additions, amendments or product retirements are market conditions and customer feedback.

For further details please refer to section 6. ‘Changes to the Product; Discontinuation’ from our terms and conditions

What is a Non-Market Adjustment?

Non-market price adjustments (NMA) are necessary on the rare occasions when after careful consideration it is determined that the level of a price assessment is deemed to have become unrealistic. Before any decision is taken to adjust a price level, a broad spectrum of market participants is polled for their views on both the necessity and potential impact of any planned change and its timing.

Once it is clear an adjustment is required, ICIS posts a notice telling subscribers it intends to make the change, and asks for any feedback over a two week period. After two weeks, and if it is decided to proceed, a second notice is posted informing subscribers that the adjustment will be made two weeks later. All price adjustments take place with a minimum four weeks public notice to subscribers.

Once the adjustment has taken place it is prominently mentioned in the price report it applies to. ICIS also adds a note to the online Price History to explain the apparent step-change in prices. It is important to note that price change deltas remain unaffected by any adjustment and the price trend remains accurate.

How can I use ICIS data? 

For details refer to section 8. ‘Use of the Products’ from our terms and conditions.

What is secondary data and how can I access it?

Secondary data is sourced outside of ICIS and is available via section 3 of the Gas Europe (ESGM) commodity page. 

  • UK supply and demand data 
  • European gas fundamentals 
  • OCM data 
  • Beach assessment 
  • Oil market price assessment Trades 

Previously published reports can be viewed via the ‘Archive’ tab on the commodity page.  

This data is not sourced by ICIS; therefore, it is not available for download on ICIS Clarity or our Data as a Service tools Excel Plugin, SFTP or API. 

Where can I find the ICIS Confidentiality Policy?

ICIS has a Confidentiality Policy which requires us to keep our sources confidential. We are not able to provide the names of parties to any particular deal

As referenced in our policy whether through published content or in discussion with market participants, ICIS reporters must not disclose their sources unless there is prior agreement with the source concerned.

For details refer to section 16. ICIS Terms and Conditions Global terms and conditions.

Where can I see the ICIS methodology consultations? 

View the next ICIS methodology consultations here.

How can I speak to ICIS, if I want a better understanding of the content?

You can reach out directly to ICIS using the contact details at the top of the Commodity page.

Otherwise, email support@icis.com for further help. Prefer to call us or use live chat? Find out more >

How do I become an ICIS editorial contact and why should I think about it? 

ICIS relies on market contacts to obtain complete and accurate information about the commodity markets it covers. Sources that provide relevant and accurate market data are central to a robust and reliable price discovery process.

ICIS editors work hard to verify information about market conditions. The larger the number of sources we have, the more accurate our reports are. Please see the ICIS Data Standards Policy for more information.

If you would like to have your view of market conditions reflected by our editors, please use the email contact details at the top of the commodity page.

What exchange rates does ICIS use? 

ICIS uses exchange rates from different providers.

For currency conversions of chemical prices the XE.com exchange rates are used.

For conversions of forward-looking price assessments related to energy commodities such as gas, LNG, coal and power, the future exchange rates are used as provided by Bloomberg.

Renewal Process

Why has the renewal model changed to a digital process?

ICIS continues to focus on improving customer experience in doing business with us. To reduce paperwork and make your renewal experience smoother, we now have a more seamless process which enables automatic renewal of your contract each year.

You will be notified of upcoming contract renewal via email 60 days before the renewal date and will always have the option to reach out to us if you have questions or need support with your renewal.

How will my subscription will be managed?

You will continue to have a point of contact to support you throughout the year and you can expect to hear from them on a regular basis.

How will I be notified about my renewal?

You will receive a reminder at 60, 45 and 30 days ahead of your renewal date which will provide you with everything you need for a smooth and quick renewal.

You have until 30 days before the renewal start date to express any changes you may want in your contract.

How do I identify the renewal notification

All renewal related emails will be sent from: ‘ICIS Renewals’ icisrenewals@comms.icis.com

The email subject will be “Important: Your ICIS subscription will renew on…”

To ensure receipt of these important emails add the address to your Safe senders list.

Who will receive the renewal notifications?

Reminder emails will be sent to the main contact registered for the account and renewal.

Can the notification be sent to more than one contact?

Unfortunately, we cannot send the notifications to more than one recipient – it is important that we have a single point of contact for your renewal agreement and contract.

Can the contact who receives the renewal notification be changed?

Should this need to be updated, we will do so with your confirmation. Please contact your account manager for this.

What should I do if I have not received the reminder email?

Please reach out to your Account Manager as soon as possible who will be able to help you.

Who do I speak to if I have questions about my contract?

Please reach out to your Account Manager for assistance on this.

What will the percentage renewal increase be next year?

You will be notified of the annual increase to your subscription when you receive the first renewal reminder, 60 days ahead of your renewal date.

How do I find out the percentage increase in advance of the first reminder?

Please reach out to your Account Manager for assistance on this.


How do I use my credits?

You can use credits to purchase data and analysis from ICIS for the chemical, fertilizer and energy markets.

In the navigation bar, select the menu called “Tools & Services” and then select “Credit report finder.”

Credits-only Users: Select the ‘Reports’ channel in the navigation bar.

Click on ‘All Reports’ tab in the window and select the report you want to purchase.

You will see available regions for that commodity,

Click on ‘Select’ and it will appear under the ‘Selected Reports for Purchase’. You can select multiple reports to download.

The number of credits to be deducted will appear in the same section of the page.

When you are happy to download the reports, click ‘Get Reports’.

How do I view purchased reports?

Select the ‘Purchased Reports’ tab within the Reports channel to view reports you have previously purchased.

Select ‘View’ to preview the report.

Alternatively, you can download the reports again by clicking on ‘Select’ next to the report you would like to access. You can select multiple reports to download. When you are happy to download the reports, click ‘Download’.

How do I purchase price history data?

Click Dashboard in the navigation bar, then click Select New Quotations.

You will be presented with a full list of All Price History, enter the number of years of data you want to purchase. You can enter multiple, once you have completed your selections click Get Data.

How do I chart purchased price history?

Click on Dashboard in the navigation bar. If it is your first time, click ‘Select new quotations’ and then ‘Purchased Price History’.

A list of all your previously accessed historical data will appear. Check the quotation you would like to chart and then click Done.

Your selected price history will then be charted in the Price History window.

How do I change the currency, units or frequency? 

Click on the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of the Price History window.

Change the currency, unit, date range and frequency as needed, once you’ve chosen the data you need to click ‘Update’.

How do I change the date range of purchased price history?

From the Dashboard Price History widget, Select New Quotations.

Then select the Purchased Price History tab, find the series you would like to extend the time period for and either select ‘Update’ or ‘Backdate’.

If you choose to backdate the data, you will be asked to select the date to which you would like to backdate and confirm the credit cost for backdating.

If you choose to update the data, the credit cost will be presented for confirmation.

How do I download price history data?

Click the download icon in the top right-hand corner of the Price History widget and Select ‘Excel’ or ‘CSV’ from the drop-down options.

How do I view purchased price history?

Select New quotations in the Price History widget and select the Purchased Price History tab. You can either check the quotation and select Done to chart the data or you can choose to download the data from the Purchased Price History tab.

Purchased Price History will show as purchased under Number of Years within the All Price History tab.

Why is the price history not updating?

You can update purchased data via the price history graph or price history selection (purchased price history tab). Only custom downloads can be downloaded from the credit usage page.

When price updates have been published, an update button will be available to select.

No update button? You have the latest price updates.

For contract pricing, the price can settle at any time before during or after the contract period. See also When will the contract price be available for download?

How do I customise the date range?

You will be able to specify a date range for the quotes you are looking to download by selecting ‘Custom Date Range’.

By doing this, you will now be able to customise the date range. Make your selection and click ‘Get Selected Data’.


How do I view customised price history?

If you have purchased a customised date range this data is available to download via your credit usage.

How many workspaces can I add?

You can create 14 workspaces in addition to the home tab maximum of 15 workspaces. You can add up to 11 windows in each workspace.

How do I move workspaces?

You can move tabs by dragging and dropping them. Please note that the home tab is fixed and nothing can move to the left of it.

How do I check my credit balance?

Your credit balance is displayed within the Tools & Services menu on the navigation bar.

Credits-only Users: Your credit balance is displayed in the navigation bar.

How do I check my credit usage?

In the navigation bar, select the menu called “Tools & Services” and then select “Credit Usage”.

A full report will appear; you can choose to download or print.

Credits-only Users: Select “Credit Usage” in the navigation bar.