Dashboard: Supported Browsers

Browser Support

The following browser support table outlines the level of support ICIS Dashboard will give to web browsers.

Browser IE Firefox Chrome*
Level 1

11, 10, 9

All versions within the last year

All versions within the last year

Level 2
(Partial support)

8, 7



Level 3


All versions older than 1 year

All versions older than 1 year

Notes: Chrome Versions auto update without user intervention, so the supported version is the most recent non-beta version.

Level of Support Definitions

Level 1 – Supported web browser 

  1. All content MUST be readable and usable and all functionality MUST work.
  2. Variations to presentation of content MUST be minimised.
  3. Where CSS layout is used, the CSS MUST is rendered by supported web browsers, so that a fully-styled version of the page is presented to the user.
  4. Variations between browsers are inevitable. In these situations, when deciding which browsers should offer a better experience than other browsers (i.e. which would be the closest to the original design), you MUST base your decision on which web browsers have the greatest coverage to our users.

Level 2 – Supported web browser with degraded user experience 

  1. All core content MUST be readable and usable.
  2. Navigation and core functionality MUST work.
  3. Any degradation to (client-side) application functionality MUST gracefully degrade.
  4. Any degradation to presentation MUST NOT obscure content.
  5. Where CSS layout is used, a variation of the CSS MAY be used where the original is unsatisfactory.

Level 3 – Unsupported web browser 

  1. No support or testing necessary.
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Further support

For any further support, please contact CSC:

Asia & Middle East
+65 6588 3955

Europe & Africa
+44 20 8652 3335

US & Canada
+1 888 525 3255

or Americas
+1 713 525 2613

Email csc@icis.com