ICIS has expanded its Asian MIBK pricing coverage to include ex-tank East China prices

ICIS has expanded its Asian MIBK pricing coverage to include ex-tank East China prices

08 March, 2019

With antidumping duty (ADD) implemented on Chinese methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) imports, import trades have now been subdued. As a result, China trades which are also the largest in Asia’s MIBK market, have become more vibrant, as the local goods are lower priced and can be delivered in shorter periods. This will likely spur the appetite of buyers and they will now be keen to track the prices in the domestic MIBK markets.

In line with changing trading activities in Asian MIBK, ICIS has added a new ex-tank East China assessment to give you complete visibility on this domestic and highly active market. With the newly enhanced Asia MIBK coverage, you now gain access to all of the following:

  • CFR China and SEA and the newly added ex-tank China domestic price assessments
  • Feedstock prices such as CFR acetone prices
  • Production news and operating scheduless
  • Commentary on key price drivers, supply/demand and outlook
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To complement our newly enhanced pricing coverage, ICIS also provides subscribers with a price driver analytical tool to support planning by giving you access to:

  • Import Parity  – a like-for-like price comparison between import/export cargo and domestic production
  • Arbitrage/Netbacks  – shows which destinations are most attractive for exporters to sell to, and helps pre-empt potential trade flow changes
  • Substitution trends – displays a comparative trend on cost competitiveness of alternative materials
  • Feedstock and downstream spreads – upstream and downstream commodity price differences that drive changes in operating rates, supply and demand
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