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A 360-degree view of dynamic markets

In today’s complex and increasingly interconnected global landscape, create agile trading strategies with expert data and insight. Capitalise on opportunity and manage volatility with a transparent view of pricing, supply and demand. Anticipate the market of tomorrow with expert insight and analytics, seamlessly integrated into your workflows and modelling.

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Chemicals producer

Set yourself up for success with expert chemicals market data and insight tailored to your needs and seamlessly integrated into workflows.

Energy producer

Navigate the energy transition with expert data and insight on integrated energy, from gas, LNG and power to carbon, hydrogen and renewables.

Consumer durables and non-durables

Confidently plan ahead, with reliable chemicals market data offering a 360-degree view of current and future demand from ICIS.


Understand the multiple factors driving profitability in today’s interconnected, global markets with expert data and insight from ICIS.

Health and Pharmaceutical

Navigate supply chains confidently and anticipate demand with trusted data and insight from a team of over 750 global commodity experts.

Logistics and Transport

Capitalise on opportunity with predictive analytics, price forecasting, fundamental analysis and advanced price discovery from ICIS.

Plastics and Rubber converter

Price competitively and manage costs with pricing, news and analysis offering a transparent view of up- and downstream demand.


Optimise profitability with transparent pricing, data and insight for global recycled plastics markets, chemical and mechanical recycling.

Research and Consulting services

Make sense of the shifting global landscape and plan with confidence using industry-leading data and insight from ICIS.


Anticipate demand and navigate supply chains confidently with trusted data from over 750 experts embedded in global commodity markets.

Trader and Distributor

Create agile trading strategies with reliable pricing, margin, supply and demand data, news and expert analysis from ICIS.


Identify opportunities and minimise risk with expert, predictive analytics, forecasting, fundamental analysis and advanced price discovery.

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Partnering with ICIS unlocks a vision of a future you can trust and achieve. We leverage our unrivalled network of industry experts to deliver a comprehensive market view based on independent and reliable data, insight and analytics.

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