Data and analytics

Strategic insight empowering decisions

The global landscape is shifting, challenging us to adapt to current conditions while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. In fast-moving markets, future success relies on trusted data and intelligence that empower confident decision-making.

Gain transparency where it matters the most, with a holistic view of global value chains from experts embedded in markets across the world.

Being part of RELX, a FTSE 15 data and analytics company, our intelligence has been shaping commodity markets for over 150 years and is trusted by governments, industry bodies and regulators. Make informed decisions, mitigate risk, and reduce costs with ICIS Clarity, our subscriber platform, and seamlessly integrate data into workflows and systems via API, sFTP and Excel Plug-in, unlocking your full potential and optimising decision-making in real time.  


Maximise potential with an enhanced digital solution

Benefit from instant access to price assessments, reports and forecasts, a dedicated news channel and supply and demand data seamlessly integrated into your workflows and processes.

ICIS Insight

Enhanced visibility by providing a comprehensive overview of what is happening right now across multiple commodities.

ICIS Hindsight

Access detailed historical data, allowing visualisation of past price trends and cycles in order to optimise decision-making.

ICIS Foresight

Unlock a complete view of historic, current & future market conditions, price forecasts and insight from market experts.

Unravel the complexities of interconnected global markets with ICIS ClarityTM

Track market trends and make smarter decisions in fast-moving markets with ICIS ClarityTM, our subscriber platform delivering market reports, data dashboards, price assessments, news articles and custom reports for global petrochemicals, energy, sustainability and fertilizer markets.

Instant access

Stay ahead of emerging trends with instant access to the latest market data, expert insight and analytics updated in real time.

One consolidated market view

Maximise opportunities with a holistic analysis of markets, regulatory and political drivers and the latest view of supply and demand chains including live disruption tracking.

Efficient market monitoring

Identify and react to market opportunities as they happen. Boost productivity and make smart decisions quickly with easily accessible data and insights delivered seamlessly across different workflows and systems.

Forward-looking intelligence

Plan ahead confidently and optimise decision-making with 18-month price forecasts, plus the latest price and market intelligence, and analysis of events in real time.

Specialised analytics

Access the latest data and analysis of market trends, price fluctuations and supply and demand dynamics across chemicals, energy and sustainability.

Our Expertise

Chemical analytics

LNG analytics

European R-PET & MRST analytics

Margin analytics

Power market analytics

ICIS Recycling Supply Tracker-Mechanical

Price forecasts

Carbon market analytics

ICIS Supplier Carbon Footprints

Powering the decisions that matter

ICIS unlocks a vision of a future you can trust and achieve. Bringing together human ingenuity, analytics, and innovative technology, ICIS leverages an unrivalled network of industry relationships to provide a deep customer understanding that supports our partners to plan, trade, and transact with more confidence.

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Need Help?