ICIS Price Forecast Reports

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Supply, demand and price trends at a glance

ICIS price forecast reports are produced by the Data Analytics Group of ICIS, which operates independently of our Editorial team. The concise monthly reports include details of prices, margins, capacity, supply and demand for the next 12 months – all in a single report. Available for a range of commodities, this easy-to-use format is quick to read and supports fast decision-making as it covers everything you need to know to understand where the market is heading.

Choose ICIS price forecast reports for all of the following:

  • Settling contract prices
  • Reviewing your market position
  • Making production or commercial decisions
  • Buying or selling with confidence


What’s included in our price forecast reports?

Price forecasts
Rolling 12-month view of pricing including current prices and expected price trends.

Raw materials
Current data on the upstream feedstock prices affecting commodity market prices and margins.

Supply and demand balances
Historical and forecast data on supply and demand balances to support your decisions on production plans and operating rates.

Enquire about the price forecast report

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Scenario Study: Demand-The New Direction for Profit – This new Study by ICIS and the independent UK chemicals consultancy, International eChem, is the culmination of five years of ground-breaking forecasting work.

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Available as price forecast windows only

  • Ethylene Europe
  • Ethylene US
  • Ethylene Asia
  • Propylene Europe
  • Propylene US
  • Propylene Asia
  • Styrene US
  • Styrene Asia

Price forecast windows

ICIS Price forecasts are now available on the Dashboard channel using the Price Forecast Window.

ICIS Dashboard subscribers who receive the price forecast report will be able to access monthly price forecast curves (depending on which price forecast report you subscribe to) on the ICIS Dashboard with commentary from our analysts, alongside up to 12-months’ worth of historical prices.

This window allows the user to chart the price forecast against the last (rolling) twelve months of related price history. In addition to this, users can plot the last 12 months of price forecasts too enabling them to see how the forecasts have progressed as time has moved on, as well as how accurate the ICIS forecast has been.

Users can convert this data into different currencies and units as well as download this data into excel in order to easily enter into their own calculations.

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