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The ICIS Coal Swaps Daily report is focused on the global coal traded market, providing subscribers with a concise overview of prices and news needed to trade coal and keep up to speed with the latest developments.

Coal Swaps Daily ensures readers can track fluctuations and developments as they happen and gain a clear understanding of the factors driving prices.

Use ICIS information to:

  • Access the latest coal forward prices
  • Read about price drivers in the market
  • Get expert analysis on developments
  • Support your negotiations by using our figures
What's happening in the Coal market?
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Coal Swaps Europe Transcript

The ICIS Coal Swaps Daily report has a very tight focus on pricing.

As the world battles to overcome the global economic issues reliable pricing information is becoming more and more important as investors try and manage their risks.

It is our ability to keep on top of these changes that allows the ICIS Coal Swaps Daily to give real value to our customers and our subscribers.

We produce our prices organically, we go to the market. We speak to traders, brokers and analysts to get their view on markets and prices in order to formulate our own data.

Our knowledge of the energy markets, our data, as well as our detailed—often cross commodity -- pricing analysis gives our subscribers a comprehensive view of the coal market and its position in the energy complex.

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